Secret Great Phoenix Chen Chapter 4138

Hearing this, Ye Chen no longer knew what to say.

From the sound of it, Chen Zhao Zhong had given so much for love, but in the end, it turned out to be a bamboo basket.

It could even be said that he had lost his wife and lost his army.

Moreover, he was originally on Hong Kong Island, already an elite among elites, and he was even able to make his father look twice for him, so it could be said that his original life had unlimited prospects.

However, in the end, not only did he give up everything he originally had, he also offended a big shot he could not afford to mess with, to the extent that he is now unable to return to Hong Kong Island or live in the United States in a reasonable and legal capacity.

A member of society’s top elite cla*s, he ended up having to end up like many Chinese who smuggled themselves into the US and chose to work black in Chinatown, nestled in a decrepit Chinatown for over twenty years ……

It’s not too much to say that his whole life was ruined by his decision.

Thinking of this, Ye Chen couldn’t help but ask him, “Uncle Zhong, have you ever regretted these things?”

Chen Zhao Zhong shook his head and laughed lightly, “There is nothing to regret, people have to be responsible for their own decisions, I really wanted to go all the way with her back then, it’s just that I was overwhelmed by love at that time and failed to objectively and deeply analyse the feasibility of this matter from multiple angles.”

Said, and said with a smile: “People say that heroes are sad to beauty, not to mention that I was not at all a hero at that time, and also young and frivolous, always think that two lovers are most important, but did not understand that a person at a different time, in a different position, will make very different decisions ……”

“There are women who have been caged finches for so long that deep down they develop a yearning for nature and feel that they would be perfect if they could dive headfirst into it;”

“But most of them, in fact, do not really yearn for nature, but are too well fed and live too comfortably, and when they are really allowed to fly out into nature, to endure the wind and rain, the sun and rain, the winter snow and frost and hunger, most of them will begin to miss the old cage;”

“At this point, the cage will no longer be a cage in her eyes, but a palace to look up to.”

Speaking of this, Chen Zhao Zhong clasped his desk and shook his head with a bitter smile, “Unlike her, I really yearn for nature, so it is normal to part ways.”

After a moment of bitter laughter, Chen Zhao Zhong lifted his gla*s of wine, took a shallow sip, waved his hand again and smiled: “But love is something that requires such reckless and desperate courage to have a soul. can be as simple as possible.”

Hearing this, Ye Chen admired Chen Zhaozhong’s open-mindedness a little more.

He then asked, “Have you ever thought of returning to Hong Kong Island?”

Chen Zhao Zhong smiled, “I have thought about it, but the one surnamed Liu did not allow me to return, originally he never gave up on killing me, even after the two of them got married, the dark flower that bought my life was always there, even at that time, someone was already planning to come to the United States to look for my whereabouts, after that, Mr. Gu went to Hong Kong Island once to talk to him for my sake, what he meant was that I had become the only one left in his life He said that I had become the only remaining pillar of shame in his life, and that he could give Mr. Gu face and stop hunting me down, but that I should also have the self-awareness to never return to Hong Kong Island in my life.”

Ye Chen could not help but frown and said in a cold voice, “That’s a bit of a game for the surnamed Liu!”

Chen Zhao Zhong laughed, “It’s understandable, after all, my actions have made him lose face in Hong Kong Island, and for rich people, face is often more important than anything else.”

Ye Chen nodded slightly, he had wanted to tell Chen Zhaozhong that if Chen Zhaozhong wanted to go back, then he would definitely help him take care of that rich man surnamed Liu.

Even, Ye Chen also wanted to tell Chen Zhaozhong that if he was willing to cooperate with and help himself in the future, he himself would definitely make his life mountain rock unusually desperate to reverse.

However, after pondering for a moment, Ye Chen felt that today was his first meeting with Chen Zhaozhong, so if he took the initiative to say this, it would seem too purposeful.

Moreover, he lacked understanding of Chen Zhaozhong, so he might as well get acquainted with him first, and then try to make his way.