Secret Great Phoenix Chen Chapter 4137

Saying that, Chen Zhao Zhong added: “My intention at that time was to take a plane to Southeast Asia first and then find an opportunity to smuggle myself out of Southeast Asia to the United States, but to my surprise, the man surnamed Liu returned to the villa, did not see my first girlfriend, and after finding out that my first girlfriend had taken her pa*sport with her, he immediately placed a kangaroo hunt order, offering a reward of HK$30 million for my life ……”

“At that time, we both just arrived at the airport, before we got out of the taxi, we saw many kooks outside the airport looking around, I saw that things were not right, I had to give up the original plan.”

“Originally, I wanted to find a chance to sneak out of Hong Kong, but that $30 million reward was the biggest dark flower in Hong Kong back then, several major gangs on Hong Kong Island were fighting fiercely at that time, but in order to earn this money, they all shook hands and made peace for the time being, sending all their men out to look for the two of us, even the Macau kooks heard about it and came to try their luck, all the gates and piers in Hong Kong were watched by the kooks at that time, I was desperate, so I called your father to save my life ……”

“Later, Young Master Chang Ying flew over from Yanjing and met with Liu, making many sacrifices and concessions before he agreed to let us live, for which I have always been very grateful and promised him to go to Yanjing to look for him and serve him after settling my family and other matters here in Hong Kong Island ……”

Speaking here, Chen Zhao Zhong sighed: “But I never thought that later on, Young Master Chang Ying died young …… after his death, the surnamed Liu immediately flipped out, when I went to pay respect to Young Master Chang Ying, he took out another 30 million dark flowers to buy my life, I had no choice but to flee ……”

Ye Chen couldn’t help but ask at this time, “Uncle Zhong, what about your first girlfriend?”

Chen Zhao Zhong smiled self-deprecatingly and said, “She also came to the United States with me at that time, because there was still some cash on hand, we arrived in New York and hacked here, using the money on hand to open such a small restaurant, the income is not bad, but it is really hard to work early and late every day, after a long time, she may never be able to adapt to the life here, so one night I So one night when I came back from my odd job, I found that she had already left without saying goodbye with her pa*sport.”

Ye Chen really did not expect that the story would end like this, and was speechless with surprise for a while.

He had thought that by giving up everything, Uncle Zhong would eventually be able to reap the benefits of a love that would bring a lover to the south, and make a good story of a lover finally becoming a couple.

But even in his wildest dreams, he had never imagined that it would end in such a disastrous way.

Chen Zhao Zhong also saw Ye Chen’s surprise, smiled slightly and shrugged his shoulders, “Indeed I can understand her doing so, after all, when she was in Hong Kong Island, she lived in a luxurious villa of tens of millions of dollars in Shi Xundao, but after I came to America, I lived in a basement of less than five square meters, that kind of dark life, ordinary people really can’t accept it.”

Ye Chen nodded and asked, “So has she gone back to Hong Kong Island?”

Chen Zhao Zhong smiled, “I think she must have gone back, but I risked calling back to my friends on Hong Kong Island to inquire, but no one knows her whereabouts.”

Saying that, Chan Siu Chung added, “Someone told me that she might have run away and asked me to check the missing persons information at the police station, but I didn’t believe it because if she had really run away, she couldn’t have had her pa*sport on her, and as we are illegal immigrants, the only use for her to have her pa*sport would be to actively expose her identity and then be deported back to Hong Kong Island, so I knew then that she must have gone back to Hong Kong Island.”

“This state of uncertainty about her whereabouts lasted for about six months or so, until she suddenly appeared in the public eye as Liu’s official girlfriend after the original spouse, surnamed Liu, died of an illness.”

“Not long after, the two of them got married, that wedding was grand, famous tycoons and celebrities from Hong Kong Island were there, I dragged someone from Hong Kong Island to buy some newspapers and magazines that reported her wedding, there were many photos of the wedding scene, seeing her really happy in the photos, I was relieved, then I ran this small restaurant with peace of mind until now ……”