Secret Great Phoenix Chen Chapter 4136

“What did he say?” Chen Zhao Zhong repeated, sighed and said helplessly, “Of course he didn’t believe me, he said that I must have cuckolded him behind his back, no matter how much I explained he wouldn’t be moved.”

“However, he later said that for the sake of money, he could forgive me this time and let me go back to recuperate, giving me time to think things over in the meantime;”

“If I recovered and continued to help him make money, he would pretend that nothing had happened, otherwise, he wanted my life.”

Speaking of this, Chen Zhao Zhong smiled and added: “However, he would never have dreamed that when I decided to tell him all this, I had already left a backhand, I had asked my first girlfriend to come out of the villa in advance with her pa*sport and wait for me at the hospital near the company surnamed Liu.”

Ye Chen was surprised and asked, “You guessed that he would beat you into the hospital?”

“Not really.” Chen Zhao Zhong laughed, “If I had known he would really do that, I would have just taken my first girlfriend and eloped, and I would have received less of a beating.”

Chen Zhao Zhong added, “In fact, I was thinking that there were only three outcomes;”

“The first was that Liu would see that I had helped him make so much money and had value to use in the future, plus he had too many women around him and wouldn’t care too much about one of them, so he would just make us whole;”

“The second one is that Liu was so furious when he found out about it that he just got me killed;”

“The third one is that although Liu is very angry, but for the sake that I am still somewhat valuable, he will teach me a lesson and let me give up the idea and continue to make money for him.”

As for why I let my first girlfriend go to the hospital early, it was mainly because if the first scenario was the case, all would be happy, I could walk to the hospital to see her and tell her the good news myself, and I could also see her faster because I was close by.”

“If the second scenario is the case, then she will definitely not be able to wait for me at the entrance of the hospital, and if she doesn’t, then it proves that Liu will not let her have a good time either, but at least she has escaped from her clutches in advance and can report to the police, so that they can look for my whereabouts and at the same time protect her own personal safety by the hand of the police;”

“If the situation is the third, then she will see me being beaten half to death and sent to the hospital, which also proves that the surnamed Liu does not intend to fulfill us, then we will not think otherwise, immediately meet at the hospital, and then find the opportunity to elope.”

When Ye Chen heard this, he was already impressed with Chen Zhao Zhong.

An ordinary person would take one step, a smart person would take three steps, and an extremely smart person would take one step to determine ten steps.

Chen Zhao Zhong did not know in advance what the outcome of this matter would be, but he had made the most meticulous arrangement under such circumstances.

Moreover, this also shows his love for his first girlfriend. Out of these three possibilities, he has one possibility to die and one possibility to get hurt, but the three possibilities he left for his first girlfriend, all of them have room for advancement and retreat, basically there will not be any danger of getting hurt.

This shows that this man’s way of thinking about things is really much better than the average person, and much better than himself.

At least, if the same thing were to happen to him, he would definitely not be able to be as meticulous and thorough as him.

At this time, Chen Zhao Zhong said with a childlike smile on his expression, “At that time, I was sent to the hospital covered in injuries, who would have thought that half an hour later, I would quietly run out of the hospital and elope with my first girlfriend.”