Secret Great Phoenix Chen Chapter 4135

Hearing this, Ye Chen nodded gently.

He actually wanted to know how Chen Zhao Zhong had later been given a jianghu chase order by the bigwigs in Hong Kong Island.

However, he thought that such questions were generally sensitive to the people involved and it was really not appropriate to ask them in person, so he gave up in his heart and said with a smile on his lips, “So you and my father actually met because of a hiking trip.”

Chen Zhao Zhong nodded with a smile, looked at Ye Chen and asked with a smile, “Young Master Ye, do you want to know how I was put on a jianghu hunt in Hong Kong?”

Ye Chen was slightly stunned, and immediately afterwards, he said smoothly, “Uncle Zhong, I’m not going to lie to you, I’m really curious ……”

“Haha!” Chen Zhao Zhong laughed cheerfully and said, “This is something that almost everyone on Hong Kong Island knew back then …… I’m not afraid of young master Ye’s jokes, after I returned to Hong Kong Island at that time, my father was not in good health, so he wanted me to take over his roast goose shop. I hadn’t learnt his secrets too much, but I was, after all, an advanced person who had come out to receive higher education and was high-minded and proud, so I took the liberty of cashing out the shop and started my own business with that money, specialising in a*set management for the rich.”

“He was so happy that he called me to his company and told me, ‘Ah Chung, you’ve helped me make so much money, I don’t even know how to repay you, how about this, do you have any wishes that you can’t fulfil yourself, tell I will definitely help you achieve it!'”

Speaking of this, Chen Zhao Zhong shrugged his shoulders and said, “Seeing how sincere he was, I told him, ‘Liu Sheng, that second wife you keep in your mansion in Shixun Road is my first girlfriend from secondary school, I love her very much and she loves me very much too ……”

“If I hadn’t been so determined to pursue my studies, I certainly wouldn’t have left her, and if she hadn’t been desperate due to a sudden change in her family, she wouldn’t have agreed to your advances as a married man and become your captive canary ……”

“Now that I am somewhat capable, I pride myself on being able to give her a happy life, so can you give her back to me for the sake of all the money I have earned for you ……'”

Ye Chen and Gu Qiuyi were both dumbfounded as they listened, never imagining that Chen Zhaozhong had been put under a jianghu pursuit order because of a woman.

At this time, Chen Zhao Zhong sighed and lamented, “I had thought that he did not look at the face of the monk to see the face of the Buddha, not to see the face of the Buddha at least must also look at the face of money, and he is surrounded by many women, just by the female stars of Kong and Hong Kong who are worshipped as goddesses, I do not know how many are obsessed with him, and he has also been dabbling in flowers everywhere, is a notorious playboy in Hong Kong ……”

The first time I said this, he turned his words and laughed at himself, “But I had counted on a thousand things, but I had not counted that he was such a playboy, to my first girlfriend, but also true love ……”

“At that time I just finished saying this, he immediately had his men arrest me and beat me up violently, after the beating, he put a gun to my head and forced to ask me if I had cuckolded him ……”

The first time I said that, Chen Zhao Zhong sighed helplessly, “All my life, I have stood up straight and acted right, how could I have cuckolded anyone? I only revealed my feelings to my first girlfriend and asked her if she was willing to leave that man and be with me. After receiving her approval, I told that Mr. Liu the truth, and it was because I felt guilty that I tried my best to help him make money and hope that he could make us whole ……”

Gu Qiuyi asked nervously, “And then what? What did he say?”