Secret Great Phoenix Chen Chapter 4579

At this moment, Liu Jiahui was already overwhelmed by anger.

An angry curse came out of his mouth, while Chen Zhao Zhong said with a somewhat ashamed expression, “Mr. Liu, long time no see.”

“See your mother!” Liu Jiahui pointed at Chen Zhaozhong and cursed angrily, “You have some f*cking guts, how dare you come in front of me! You really don’t want to live long!”

At the side, Ye Chen said in a cold voice, “Mr Liu, aren’t you treating my valued guest like this, a bit disrespectful to me, Ye Chen?”

Liu Jiahui instantly came back to his senses, and then shivered in fear.

Only then did he realise that Liu Jiahui was actually brought here by Ye Chen!

He then asked Ye Chen with a nervous look on his face, “Mr. Ye, you …… How do you know him?”

Ye Chen frowned and said, “Uncle Zhong is a good friend of my father.”

Speaking of this, Ye Chen looked at Liu Jiahui and asked him, “Mr. Liu, do you still want to ask who my father is?”

Liu Jiahui subconsciously nodded his head.

He had only met Ye Changye once back then, and what’s more, Ye Changye had already died twenty years ago, so he could not recall this person in his mind long ago.

Ye Chen looked at him, smiled slightly and said word by word: “Mr. Liu, my father’s name is Ye Chang Ying, Ye Chang Ying of the Yanjing Ye family, you are a noble man who forgets things, you can turn your head and throw away what you said, I wonder if you still have an impression of my father after so many years have pa*sed?”

“Ye Chang Ying ……” Liu Jiahui mumbled a repetition under his breath, his brows locked.

Immediately afterwards, he suddenly recalled the middle-aged man who had flown all the way from the Mainland to Hong Kong Island back then and met with himself once.

At that time, Ye Chang Ying was very famous in the Chinese circle.

Not only because he was well-born and capable, but also because he was married to a very remarkable woman, An Chengqing, who was famous worldwide for driving the rapid development of countless enterprises in Silicon Valley!

Back then, when Liu Jiahui met Ye Chang Ying, he also exclaimed that this man was incredibly powerful and if he could get involved with him, he could naturally go to the next level in the future.

Although he hated Chen Zhaozhong with a pa*sion at the time, he decided to let Chen Zhaozhong off the hook when he thought of the opportunity to ride on the Ye and An family’s boat.

Originally, Ye Changyang did have the intention of giving Liu Jiahui something in return, but unfortunately, not long afterwards, Ye Changyang broke with the Ye family and left Yanjing with his wife and children.

Just when Liu Jiahui was looking for a chance to catch up with Ye Changye, he heard the news of his death.

Liu Jiahui’s first thought at that time was that he had lost out big time.

He had made concessions to Chen Zhaozhong, not because of how much face Ye Changye had, but because he wanted to get a long-term benefit from Ye Changye.

However, he didn’t get any advantage, but both Ye Chang Ying and his wife were killed, which was like stealing a chicken and losing the rice.

So at that time, Liu Jiahui immediately threw his promise to Ye Chang Ying to the back of his mind.

As time went by, he gradually forgot about Ye Chang Ying.

However, when he suddenly heard this name again from Ye Chen’s mouth today, it instantly awakened his memory of his a*sociation with Ye Chang Ying back then.

He looked at Ye Chen with disbelief: “You …… You are Ye Chang Ying’s son? This …… How is this possible, I heard that all of their family …… are all dead!”

Ye Chen said in a cold voice: “Sorry to disappoint you, I am still alive.”