Secret Great Phoenix Chen Chapter 4580

Liu Jiahui shivered in fear and hurriedly waved his hands, “Mr. Ye …… I …… That’s not what I meant ……”

Saying that, he thought of something, looked up at Ye Chen and said with wide eyes, “You are Ye Chang Ying’s son …… That means that you are not from any Isu Shipping at all ……”

Ye Chen said indifferently, “Although I am not an a*sistant of Isu Shipping, I am the owner of Isu Shipping, and He Zhiqiu works for me.”

Liu Jiahui was shocked beyond belief, followed by a subconscious voice: “But …… But …… I heard that the Ye family has been taken away by the Vanguard Temple and has lost half of its a*sets. …… But you are the master of the Hall of Ten Thousand Dragons, this …… This is completely contradictory ……”

Ye Chen sneered, “You think it is the Ye family that has lost, but that is only because I want outsiders to think that the Ye family has lost.”

Wan Bajun, who was at the side, also immediately spoke up, “It was me, Wan Bajun, who was selfish and presumptuous enough to challenge Mr. Ye, and in the end, it was Mr. Ye who spared my life regardless of my past!”

Liu Jiahui’s cold sweat at this moment had already left his face and entire back.

And his brain began to race as he thought, “Since this Ye Chen is the son of Ye Chang Ying, that means that the head of the Ye family in Yanjing is his grandfather, and the head of the An family in America is his grandfather …… And everything that happened yesterday at Hongmen Bar proves that he is still the real owner of the Hall of Ten Thousand Dragons, and now he says he is the owner of Isu Shipping …… In this calculation, the power behind Ye Chen is much greater than I had previously imagined ……”

“I’m afraid that the reason why this Ye Chen approached me under the pretext of being from Isu Shipping is that he also knows that I want Chen Zhao Zhong’s life, so he did it intentionally ……”

“Now, Ye Chen has brought Chen Zhao Zhong here, he must have come to ask me for revenge ……”

“This is really the end now ……”

At this moment, Liu Jiahui’s heart was already panicked to the extreme, and then, a thought suddenly flashed through his mind, and he hurriedly changed into a smiling face and said excitedly, “You are Young Master Ye? So you are Young Master Ye! I’ve always admired your father to the highest degree! I even had the honour of having a drink with him on Hong Kong Island back then! Now I’m thrilled to see the son of Young Master Chang Ying!”

As he said that, he hurriedly looked at Chen Zhao Zhong and said with emotion, “Oh, Ah Zhong! You’ve been gone for so many years without saying goodbye, and now you’re finally back! You don’t know how guilty I’ve felt about you all these years, I’ve always wanted you to return to Hong Kong Island and live a good life, but I just couldn’t find your contact information. To make up for my shame, I’ve been asking Jia Xin to take care of your family for me all these years, and she even visited your old mother a few days ago! Now that you’ve returned safely, that’s really great!”

Ye Chen looked at Liu Jiahui’s sincere face and couldn’t help but smile, “Mr. Liu’s ancestors must be from Sichuan Province in the mainland, right?”

Liu Jiahui subconsciously shook his head and said with a smile, “Young Master Ye, my ancestors were from Guangdong Province in the mainland.”

Ye Chen frowned, “Your ancestors were from Guangdong Province? That’s not right, it seems that the art of face-changing is only known to those from Sichuan Province, right?”

Liu Jiahui was incredibly shrewd and instantly heard the mockery in Ye Chen’s words.

He hurriedly said stiffly, “Young Master Ye …… You …… What do you mean by that ……”

Ye Chen’s expression was cold as he asked in a cold voice, “Liu Jiahui, nothing else matters, I just want to know now, you released $30 million in dark flowers to the public to take Uncle Zhong’s life, how do you explain this matter?”

Liu Jiahui hurriedly waved his hands and said, “Young Master Ye is wronged, Young Master Ye, I have known Zhong for many years, and he is my old subordinate, how could I spend money to buy his life, there must be some misunderstanding here ……”