Secret Great Phoenix Chen Chapter 4578

As for Fang Jiaxin, he did not even have the slightest grudge or blame.

So, instead, he was afraid that Ye Chen would use thunderbolts against them.

Ye Chen could see his worry, so he smiled slightly and said: “Uncle Zhong, it seems that nothing can be hidden from you, but don’t worry, I didn’t control Liu Jiahui and his wife, the two of them are still in the dark until now. I promise you that Liu Jiahui will not dare to think ill of you again.”

Only when Chen Zhao Zhong heard this did he finally breathe a sigh of relief, he nodded gently and said gratefully, “Young Master Ye, no matter how things turn out, please don’t make things difficult for the two of them, what happened back then, no matter what, I was at fault in the first place ……”

When Chen Zhao Zhong was young and vigorous, he never felt sorry for Liu Jiahui.

After all, he helped Liu Jiahui earn a lot of money back then, and he did not cuckold Liu Jiahui; he only opened his mouth to ask for Liu Jiahui’s mercy after he was sure that Fang Jiaxin was willing to break with him and reunite.

Moreover, Fang Jiaxin did not marry Liu Jiahui back then, and he was not a third party interloper.

However, as he grew older, he gradually realised that although he was not in the wrong, in all fairness, he had caused Liu Jiahui a great deal of trouble in handling this matter.

After all, Liu Jiahui was a famous super tycoon, and it was also widely known that he had taken Fang Jiaxin with him and eloped with him. The negative impact on him was so great that it was likely that there would still be an article about Liu Jiahui’s current wife, who had eloped with someone, in the after-dinner talk of the people of Hong Kong.

Ye Chen also understood Uncle Zhong’s mentality, so he said with a smile, “Don’t worry, since I’m taking you to see them, I don’t want to make things too difficult for them, otherwise, I’ll just have them killed, and this matter will be solved once and for all.”

Saying that, Ye Chen added, “However, Uncle Zhong, I am not only coming to Hong Kong Island this time to seek justice for you alone, I also want to seek an explanation for my father, Liu Jiahui had gone back on his word to my father, this matter, I must ask him to give me a satisfactory explanation.”

Chen Zhao Zhong did not know how to reply for a while, so Ye Chen changed the subject and said, “Uncle Zhong, I’d better take you to change your clothes, you can’t be so dishevelled when you have to meet your deceased friend later.”

Chen Zhao Zhong nodded gently and said gratefully, “Thank you Young Master Ye!”


Ten minutes later.

Chen Zhao Zhong had already changed into the white short-sleeved shirt, black trousers and leather shoes that Ye Chen had had someone prepare.

This was a high-end collection from a well-known brand, and Chen Zhao Zhong himself was a talented man, even when he was old, he was still very elegant, so after changing into such a outfit and shaving, his visual age was instantly quite young, and he only looked around forty.

Once he was properly packed, Ye Chen said with a smile, “Uncle Zhong, your two deceased friends are in the VIP lounge on the first floor of the airport at the moment, let me take you up there.”

“Good.” Chen Zhao Zhong nodded slightly and followed Ye Chen with some apprehension, taking the lift to the first floor.

At this moment, inside the VIP lounge, Liu Jiahui was still eagerly awaiting Ye Chen’s second VIP, and could not wait to see the true face of this VIP.

Just then, Ye Chen pushed the door and walked in. Seeing the eyes of both Liu Jiahui and his wife with full expectation, he smiled faintly and stepped aside.

The figure of Chen Zhao Zhong instantly fell into the sight of the two.

Fang Jiaxin covered her mouth in shock and could not speak, while Liu Jiahui was stunned for a moment, then immediately became furious and pointed at Chen Zhao Zhong, shouting, “D*mn it, Chen Zhao Zhong! You’re the one who deserved it!”