Secret Great Phoenix Chen Chapter 3752

Xiao Changkun was oblivious to the fact that he had just inadvertently sold his daughter and son-in-law out.

On the contrary, he felt that he had done himself a great service today by getting his daughter and son-in-law a business deal each.

After all, how could he have known that the so-called ‘Zhan Feier’ in front of him was really Fei Kexin, the eldest daughter of a multi-billion dollar family?

Moreover, he knew even less that Zhan Fei’er had rushed to Jinling before the Spring Return Pill auction just to find Ye Chen.

As the meal proceeded, Fei Ke Xin was in a great mood.

During the subsequent meal, she did not mention feng shui or decoration again, and everything she talked about was closely related to the art exhibition, as if feng shui and decoration had really just been a random topic of conversation.

When the meal was over, it was Xiao Changkun who couldn’t help himself and asked Fei Kexin: “Miss Zhan, are you sure you need the feng shui and decoration you mentioned earlier? If I’m sure, I’ll talk to my daughter and son-in-law when I get home.”

“Sure!” Fei Ke Xin nodded with a smile and said seriously, “How about this Mr. Xiao, you can first make an appointment for me with your son-in-law, so that he can have time to help me look at the feng shui, if the feng shui of this house is fine, I will then talk to your daughter about the subsequent decoration needs, if this house has more feng shui problems, then I will simply change the house, it is only a matter of tens of millions of dollars anyway. ”

Fei Kexin did not deliberately show off, deliberately Versailles, buy a set of tens of millions, thousands of square feet of single-family house in Jinling, in the eyes of the local people in Jinling, almost to the head, but for Fei Kexin, as casual as ordinary people to the tourist attractions, casually buy a souvenir.

Moreover, Fei Ke Xin did not want to meet Ye Chen with his wife beside him, so he might as well line up the couple first, and if he could not break through to Ye Chen from the front, then he could flank him from his wife.

Xiao Changkun also felt that there was nothing wrong with what Fei Kexin said, that it was logical to look at the feng shui first and then decorate after the feng shui was in order, and that this logic was reasonable, justified and convincing.

So, he said with a smile, “Fine, fine, I’ll tell my son-in-law about it later and ask him to take a look at it for you!”

Fei Ke Xin nodded hastily, handed Xiao Chang Kun a business card and said with a smile, “Vice President Xiao, this is my business card, if your son-in-law is okay with it, please ask him to contact me as well.”

Xiao Changkun said with a smile, “No problem, I’ll talk to him when I get home!”


Back home, Xiao Changkun was in a good mood, parked his car and whistled all the way into the house.

Ye Chen, Xiao Churan and Ma Lan had just had dinner, and when Ma Lan saw Xiao Changkun enter the house, she immediately beckoned to him, “Xiao Changkun, come and put away the dining table!”

Xiao Changkun was stunned and said with a black face, “Why should I clean up the dinner you three ate? Why don’t you clean up?”

Ma Lan glared at him and said angrily, “You were out late and didn’t come back, isn’t it right to let you do some housework?”

With that, Ma Lan muttered with a dissatisfied face, “You’re out all day long, hanging out with that bullsh*t a*sociation, and you haven’t seen you come home with a few million dollars, what’s the point, you’re still a loser? What’s the point of being a loser? Besides, if outsiders don’t know about your level, how can I not? The old idiom of “a person who is incompetent” is a true reflection of you, how dare you represent Jinling and go to Korea for exchange? You’ll be lucky if you don’t disgrace Jinling!”

Ma Lan had been in a somewhat low mood recently.

The main reason for her low mood was that Xiao Changkun had told her last time about going to Korea for cultural exchange, which made Ma Lan somewhat jealous in her heart, and also somewhat inferior.

After all, for so many years, she had always been the one to criticise Xiao Changkun. After all, for so many years, Xiao Changkun had not been able to do anything and had been ostracised in the Xiao family, so whenever Ma Lan criticised him, she was always the one to do so.

It was also because of Xiao Changkun’s lack of success that gave Ma Lan the strength to keep criticising him and mocking him.

But how could Ma Lan have ever imagined that Xiao Changkun, who had spent most of his life doing nothing, would suddenly have a new lease of life in his old age?