Secret Great Phoenix Chen Chapter 4229

Wang Yuanyuan was so concerned about this watch that she carried it with her. However, since she was still a servant, she did not dare to wear a piece of Richard Mille on her hand, but she never thought that the watch, which was in her pocket, would fall out when she fell down.

Seeing that Fei Xuebin had discovered it, she hastily lied, “This …… watch was given to me for safekeeping by a friend of mine ……”

“Friend?” Fei Xuebin said in a cold voice: “What friend? What’s the name?”

Wang Yuanyuan replied nervously, “I …… I …… am not at liberty to say his name ……”

After saying that, she hurriedly added, “But this is a private matter between him and me, it has nothing to do with other people ……”

Fei Xuebin still wanted to press the question, but Fei Shanhai had already lost his patience, he said in a cold voice: “What’s the point of bothering so much with her! If you don’t tell the truth, just cut off her ears!”

As soon as Fei Xuebin heard his father say cut off his ear, he immediately thought of his own son.

When he thought about it again, he realized that the maid was probably related to his son’s kidnapping, so his anger rose in his heart and he said to one of the bodyguards, “Quick! Cut off both of her ears!”

Feixue Bin didn’t feel satisfied, so he added, “Cut off her nose too! I’ll see if she still has a tough mouth!”

The bodyguards were all deadly soldiers trained by the Fei family, so of course they were obedient to the two of them. When they heard the order, they immediately pulled out a tactical dagger without saying a word and rushed straight at Wang Yuanyuan.

Wang Yuanyuan cried out in fear, not caring about Qiao Feiyun or Mrs. Qiao at this moment, only thinking of saving herself, she cried out, “I tell you! I’ll say!”

After all, as far as Wang Yuan Yuan was concerned, even if she would rather die than give in, Qiao Feiyun would not be able to marry her even if she lost her ears and nose.

Besides, who knows how Qiao Feiyun had angered the Fei family, in case he really had something to do with Fei Hao Yang’s kidnapping, then the Fei family would definitely not spare him, and even if Qiao Feiyun wanted to marry her, she would never be able to marry him.

So, Wang Yuanyuan hurriedly knelt on the ground and said with a pious face: “Young master, this watch was given to me by young master Hao Yang’s good friend Qiao Feiyun …… about the Japanese ninja, and he also asked me to keep an eye out for it …… but I I really don’t know what he has done ……”

“Qiao Feiyun?” Fei Xuebin frowned slightly, searched his brain for half a day, and opened his mouth to ask: “The Qiao Feiyun you’re talking about, is it that Seattle college cla*smate of Hao Yang’s?”

“Yes ……,” Wang Yuanyuan said with a busy nod, “That’s him! Some time ago, Young Master Hao Yang had his a*sistant Sun Hao pick him up from the airport to the manor, and then arranged for him to stay temporarily in that vacant villa ……”

“What did you say?!” Fei Xuebin interrupted her and questioned, “That Qiao Feiyun is living in the Fei family? Where is he?”

Wang Yuanyuan was busy saying, “It is true that he was living in the Fei family at the beginning, every day I brought him food and often some daily necessities, Young Master Hao Yang went to meet with him every day, and the two of them often discussed things in the study, and they discussed for a long time, yesterday Young Master Hao Yang had an accident, everyone was busy serving Great Grandmother, I also waited until after the shift change to bring him some food Then he gave me this watch and asked me to ask if there was any news about Japanese ninjas for him ……”

Fei Xuebin impatiently asked, “I asked you, where is he!”

Wang Yuanyuan hurriedly said, “I told him first after I heard from Song Peng that Master had sent someone to Japan to look for ninjas, then he disappeared …… and I have not been able to contact him …… ”

Fei Xuebin hurriedly looked at Fei Shanhai and blurted out, “Dad! Could it be that Qiao Feiyun who did this?!”