Secret Great Phoenix Chen Chapter 4437

Ma Lan drove the overbearing Rolls-Royce Cullinan all the way to Jinling Harbour City.

After carefully reversing the car a dozen times in the underground garage before finally parking it, she went to the ground floor with Qian Hongyan.

The ground floor of Harbour City was almost full of first-tier luxury brands.

Half of them were clothing and bag brands, such as LV and Gucci, and the other half were jewellery, such as Bulgari and Cartier.

As soon as Ma Lan arrived, she dragged Qian Hongyan to Bulgari’s shop first.

It’s not that Bulgari is much better than other brands, but mainly because Ma Lan likes the name Bulgari and thinks it’s a festive name.

The two of them entered Bulgari, Ma Lan went straight to the middle counter, then sat down on the high stool in front of the counter, her right hand first slapped the Rolls Royce car keys on the counter, and her left hand put the Hermes handbag that Ye Chen gave her before on top of the counter.

When the sales lady saw this, she thought she had a big customer, so she hurried over and said very respectfully, “Hello lady, welcome to Bulgari, I don’t know what you want to see?”

Ma Lan cleared her throat and said with an arrogant face, “Ahem, what nice necklaces do you have at home, bring them out for me to pick.”

The shop a*sistant nodded her head, then turned to the male shop a*sistant and said, “Jack, prepare two bottles of sparkling water imported from Spain for the customers, and bring the latest perfume samples for the two of you to try.”

The male shop a*sistant immediately did as he was told, while Ma Lan sighed in her heart, “This is a big brand after all! This service is really no one else!”

Qian Hongyan stood behind Ma Lan, her heart also sighed: “I think back when the Xiao family still had money, I was also treated like this when I visited this kind of shop, but now I fell to our shop, I actually feel nervous, really fallen phoenix is not as good as chicken ah.”

The female shop a*sistant took out a tray full of necklaces at this time and placed it in front of Ma Lan, saying respectfully, “Madam here are all our latest necklaces, there are many newest models from the cla*sic series, you can have a look.”

Ma Lan nodded and pointed at one of the diamond pendants and said, “I think this one is good, what is the price of this one?”

The shop a*sistant took a look at the price tag and said, “The necklace you are looking at is priced at 118,800, it is made of an 18-carat gold necklace with a South African diamond pendant, the diamonds are all broken, but the cut is perfect, so the shine is very good and it shines very well when you put it on. ”

The price of over 110,000 was just the ideal price for Ma Lan in her mind.

After all, Ye Chen and Xiao Churan had left her 500,000 pocket money when they first left, so if she bought a necklace that was too expensive and took up too much of her budget, it would have an impact on her spending later in life.

The price range of a hundred thousand or so would be very friendly, and with her current financial resources, after buying a necklace for a hundred thousand or so, the rest of the money would be enough for her to spend in style until Ye Chen returned.

So she said to the shop a*sistant, “Here, help me wear it for a while and I’ll see how it looks.”

The shop a*sistant was about to help Ma Lan put on the necklace when the mobile phone on her desk suddenly vibrated, and the person who called was the shop manager of the shop, who was also her top boss.

So she apologised and said to Ma Lan, “Just a moment, ma’am, I’ll take a call from our manager, sorry.”

When Ma Lan entered this kind of big brand shop, her quality was raised a few points along with her, and she said readily, “It’s fine, it’s fine, you take it first.”

The female shopper picked up the phone and walked to the side, listening to the shop manager on the phone instructing, “Xiao Liu, you must make that woman spend as much money as possible later, if you can make her spend 300,000 in our shop, you will be rewarded 50,000, if you can make her spend 500,000 in our shop, you will be rewarded 100,000!”

When the shop a*sistant heard this, she couldn’t help but steal a glance at Ma Lan over here. Although she didn’t know why the shop manager was concerned about this woman, she realized in her heart that this was a good opportunity to make money, so she whispered, “Don’t worry, I know.”