Secret Great Phoenix Chen Chapter 4438

After saying that, she hung up the phone, stepped in front of Ma Lan and said with a smile, “Madam, come, let me try it on for you.”

Nodding, Ma Lan put the necklace on with the help of the guide and looked at it in the mirror.

The 18-carat gold chain itself was not worth a few dollars, and the pendant full of broken diamonds also did not cost much, so these two together were probably only a fraction of the selling price.

However, what Ma Lan is looking for is not value for money, but the face-to-price ratio.

Value for money is the ratio between the performance and the price of a product, the better the performance the better the price.

Even if a cotton T-shirt costing no more than a hundred dollars was sold for eight thousand, as long as the brand logo on the chest was dignified enough, it was worth it in Marashi’s eyes.

After examining the necklace for a while, Ma Lan found that it was indeed sparkling, with almost every prong bursting with dazzling splendour in the light of the jewellery shop.

She was so impressed that she said almost immediately, “I’ll take this one, wrap it up for me!”

The saleswoman couldn’t help but say, “Madam, to speak from the heart, I feel that this necklace doesn’t match your temperament.”

“What do you mean?” Ma Lan frowned and asked, “Are you saying that I don’t match such an expensive necklace?”

The shop a*sistant hurriedly waved her hands and said, “No, no! That’s not what I meant! From the moment you walked in the door, I could tell that you had a noble aura about you, and to be honest, in all the years I’ve worked at Bulgari, I’ve never seen such a cla*sy customer like you.”

The other party’s sudden flattery immediately sent Marashi into a frenzy.

Ma Lan couldn’t stop smiling and said, “Aigoo, you’re really good at talking, although I do have a good temperament, but after all, I’m too old to compete with the younger ones ……”

The female shopper was busy saying, “You are really modest, you are much more temperamental than those 20-something female celebrities I have seen.”

“Really?” Ma Lan looked at herself in the mirror with surprise, how she felt that her temperament was indeed very good, and said with a smile, “Aiya, to say this thing about temperament, it’s really not just a matter of being young, young people only dress up and have no charm!”

Qian Hongyan, who was listening to her, was dry-heaving.

In her heart, Ma Lan that little temperament, on the weighing Missy also can not exceed three or five, of course, if we are talking about shrewish temperament, that is really the force of the mountain and the gas.

At this time, the female shopper said with a serious face: “Madam, to be honest, you have such a good temperament, and also drive a Rolls Royce so top car, even the bags are also Hermes, almost is already the top of the top, this necklace if you wear a hundred thousand or so, simply does not set off your temperament, or even wear it might as well not wear. ”

When Ma Lan heard this, she subconsciously asked, “Really? This is more than 100,000 ……”

The woman shopper was busy: “To be honest with you, I have been working here for a long time and have seen a lot, many customers who spend more than 100,000 to buy a necklace, in fact, most of them are well-off families, buying a necklace of more than 100,000 is hard on the head, most of them drive cars of less than 500,000, to put it bluntly, they are all masters of swollen faces and fat… …”

After saying that, she said with a compliment, “But you are different!”

“You drive a Rolls-Royce and carry Hermes, you look like a ceiling-cla*s person, how many times better than those kind of guests who pretend to be fat with a swollen face, you are an absolute noblewoman!”

“Oh no, it’s the noblewoman of noblewomen, the ceiling of noblewomen!”

“So, how can you wear the same necklace as those who swell their faces and pretend to be fat?”