Secret Great Phoenix Chen Chapter 4439

In one sentence, the female shopper, the ceiling among noble women, immediately praised Ma Lan to the sky.

She felt that this female shopper’s words well have a kind of chemical energy, through some kind of chemical reaction with her own eardrums, it can produce a large amount of dopamine, down the blood straight to the skull.

To put it simply, it was too topsy-turvy.

This feeling is like a youngster who has just learnt how to smoke, grabbing the village elder’s dry tobacco bag and taking a big puff.

Not only was she on top of her head, she was even a little dizzy.

She was so happy that she couldn’t keep her mouth shut, and the more she looked at this female shopper, the more she liked her.

Qian Hongyan is really good at flattering her. She has been her sister-in-law for decades, and she can call her sister Lan with a calm face as soon as she turns her head.

But when compared to this shop a*sistant, Qian Hongyan was at best a younger brother.

So, Ma Lan asked the shopper, “Hey, girl, what kind of necklace do you think I should wear for this temperament?”

Without thinking, the shop a*sistant said, “I think that with your temperament, you should be our shop’s treasure!”

After that, she hurriedly said, “Wait a minute, I’ll go to the back and ask our shop manager to open the safe and show you the treasure of the shop!”

As soon as the words left her mouth, the shop a*sistant hurriedly got up and went to the office area at the back.

In the office area, the shop manager was observing the conversation between the female shopper and Ma Lan in real time through the shop monitoring, and when he saw the female shopper come in, he hurriedly said, “Aiya Xiao Liu, how can you push our shop treasures for her ……”

The female shopper said with a surprised look on her face, “Store manager, isn’t this what you instructed me to do, to fool that woman into spending as much money as possible? Then why don’t we just do it in one step and find a way to get him to buy our shop’s treasure.”

The shopkeeper waved his hand, “Oh, how can she afford to buy a 7 million dollar treasure? As far as I know, her capital is only half a million at most, so just find a way to sell her our Emerald Goddess Dream set and that’s it.”

The shop a*sistant was shocked and said out of the blue, “The shop manager …… has done a great job with your intelligence, you even know how much money she has?”

The shopkeeper said seriously, “I’m also doing this for someone else, you must keep it a secret! Anyway, if you find a way to get her to spend 500,000 yuan in our shop, I’ll put 100,000 yuan on your card right away! If she really doesn’t have enough money, just do whatever you can to get her to spend it all, even if it means lowering the price or just fooling her, it doesn’t matter, you’re free to do what you want, I’ll take care of it if anything happens!”

“Yes!” The shop a*sistant nodded her head and waved her hand, “I’ll take care of it.”

The shop manager added: “Right, after she’s done shopping, tell her that she can come over after lunch to enter the lucky draw, the first prize is worth one million two hundred thousand! The prizes are all set for her inside, only the raffle tickets are still being expedited and will be delivered at 1pm, so when she comes to the raffle this afternoon, she will be able to draw the first prize.”

The female shopper asked, dumbfounded, “Shopkeeper, what’s the origin of this woman? What is this woman’s origin? ……”

The shopkeeper said, “The blood money is not mine, it’s the big man’s. You cooperate well, and you’ll get a lot of benefits after it’s done!”

The female shopper nodded understandingly and said to the shop manager, “I know, shop manager! I still need to trouble you to bring me the treasure of the shop first, otherwise I won’t be able to give an account when I go out.”

The shopkeeper didn’t say much and immediately took out a set of beautiful diamond necklaces from the safe and handed them to her, “You must take them well, don’t drop them or touch them.”

The shop a*sistant nodded and smiled, and walked out with the treasure of the shop in her hands.

When Ma Lan saw the huge diamond necklace in her hand, she was surprised and could not help but feel a bit vain.

Ma Lan was no fool, she knew how good things were, and a diamond of this size could not have come down to seven figures with a quick glance.

However, when she thought that the salesperson had set the mood here, if she were to say she couldn’t afford it, wouldn’t she be living up to the title of “Noblewoman Ceiling”?

Just as Marashi was getting anxious, the saleswoman placed the jewel of the shop in front of her.