Secret Great Phoenix Chen Chapter 4207

Hattori Kazuo’s heart instantly tensed up.

He knew very well the strength of the Fei family, and if the Fei family really sent someone to Japan, it was only a matter of time before they found the Iga ninja’s head.

Even before the Fei family’s experts landed in Japan, the Fei family’s intelligence officers would have already found out everything about the Iga ninja.

So, in his heart, he also knew very well that the Iga ninja, who were already on their last legs, would probably be unable to take a single blow in front of the Fei family experts.

And now, the Fei family has taken the blame for kidnapping Fei Hoang and cutting off his ear. Once they find out about the Iga ninja, they will definitely not go soft on the Iga ninja ……

This time, the Iga ninja will be exterminated because of this!

The thought of this, Hattori Kazuo’s entire body has panicked, and he even wanted to call his father immediately to report to him, telling him to hurry up and take the Iga ninja into hiding, so as to avoid being wiped out by the Fei family experts.

However, even though he seemed to be unattended in the villa, his every move was under the close surveillance of the soldiers of the Ten Thousand Dragons Temple, and there was no way for him to contact the outside world.

In his anxiety, Hattori immediately put his knife against Fei Hoang’s neck and shouted sternly, “Give me your family’s contact information! I’ll find a way to call them right now! If there is any danger to my family, I will kill you myself to avenge them!”

Seeing that the blade had already cut through his skin, Fei Hao Yang was trembling with fear and said, “Mr. Hattori, this is all a misunderstanding, as long as you give me a phone, I will immediately have my father order all the experts to be recalled to New York, and then have them go north to Canada and kill Qiao Feiyun’s family!”

Qiao Feiyun was not afraid at all, because he guessed that Kazuo Hattori must have been reduced to a prisoner as well, and there was no way he could communicate with the outside world.

So he sneered at Fei Hoang and said, “Fei Hoang, you’re not really that stupid, since you’re already here, how could you possibly have a chance to call your father?”

Fei Ho Yang also knew that the chances were slim, but he had to try everything he could, so he looked at Kazuo Hattori and blurted out, “Mr. Hattori, you have to find a way to contact my father no matter what, as long as you can contact him and tell him my situation, he will definitely withdraw all the ninjas!”

Hattori Kazuo was also worried beyond belief at this point, his whole body in a panic, not knowing what to do.

At this moment, a soldier from the Ten Thousand Dragon Temple came in, handed a mobile phone to Hattori Kazuo and said, “Mr. Ye’s phone.”

Hattori Kazuo hurriedly took the phone and said nervously, “Ye …… Mr. Ye ……”

Ye Chen smiled faintly and said; “Hattori Kazuo, are you worried about your family now?”

“Yes……” Hattori Kazuo choked out, “Mr. Ye, the overall strength of the Iga ninja is severely damaged, they are hardly a match for Fei’s family ……”

Ye Chen smiled, “You don’t need to worry, I have asked Miss Nanae of the Ito family to arrange a chartered plane, it can take off from Iga in Japan anytime and fly straight to New York, you can use this phone to call your father now and ask him to arrange for someone to get on the plane as soon as possible, as long as they can take off before the Fei family lands, there is nothing that gang can do to them. ”

Hattori Kazuo asked in surprise, “Mr. Ye …… You …… you intend to let them come to New York?!”

“Right.” Ye Chen on the other end of the phone said with a smile, “Coming to New York is the best choice.”

Hattori Kazuo said nervously, “But …… But New York is the Fei family’s territory …… If they come to New York, won’t …… Wouldn’t they be throwing themselves into the net?!”

Ye Chen smiled blandly, “Don’t worry, it won’t be long before you are no longer the enemies of the Fei family.”