Secret Great Phoenix Chen Chapter 3626

Saeed took his satellite phone and stepped out of Hamid’s conference room, which was inside the mountain.

On the phone, he gave his leader the truthful feedback of the situation.

The offer of the Hall of Ten Thousand Dragons to collaborate in the defence, to help train the soldiers and to offer to live in the buffer zone was very satisfactory to Said’s leader.

After all, it would indeed go a long way in enhancing their security, while also easing their current anxiety.

And the compensation of 150 million dollars and the terms of 100,000 tons of wheat per year made him even more delighted.

Moreover, there was a bonus clause attached to this, which was the de facto neutrality of Hamid, who was now the strongest of the opposition in terms of overall strength, and if he could manage not to initiate an attack, then the pressure on the government forces to defend would be much easier.

Therefore, he immediately clapped his hands on the phone and agreed to Ye Chen’s terms.

Having received the go-ahead, Said returned to the conference room with great joy and immediately said to Ye Chen as well as Wan Bajun, “Mr Ye, Mr Wan, our leader has agreed to the terms just now, if there are no other problems, please follow me to Damascus to sign the agreement!”

Ye Chen looked at the time and smiled, “I have to rush back to China, so I won’t go with you.”

After saying that, he said to Wan Bajun, “Bajun, you go and set the specific terms with them as well as when and how to pay, and also when to release the people, as for the grain, you don’t need to worry about it, let them see which port is more suitable to receive the goods, then I will directly arrange for a cargo ship to send the grain over.”

Wan Bajun said, “Mr. Ye, how can I let you worry about the grain, I’ll take care of it!”

Ye Chen waved his hand: “100,000 tons of grain is nothing to you or me, I have a ready-made shipping company on my side, and I have many friends in China, so when the time comes, it should be relatively easy to acquire or send ships, so you don’t need to get involved. That’s all.”

Wan Bajun nodded gratefully and asked, “Mr Ye, do you want to look over the site selection then?”

Ye Chen waved his hand and said casually, “You definitely know more about warfare than I do, so let you decide on the specific site selection.”

“Good!” Wan Bajun said without hesitation, “And then any progress, my subordinates will report to you in time!”

With this sentence of subordinate, Wan Bajun made both Hamid and Said’s expressions flinch.

They themselves were curious, Ye Chen had originally been on the opposite side of the Wan Long Temple, he had first helped Hamid to severely defeat the Wan Long Temple, and helped Said to capture 15,000 soldiers of the Wan Long Temple, they couldn’t figure out how Ye Chen suddenly started to help the Wan Long Temple with the back base today.

Now, when they suddenly heard Wan Bajun call himself his subordinate, both of them were horrified, according to this, Wan Long Temple should have become Ye Chen’s!

Just as the two were horrified, Ye Chen said to Wan Bajun, “You should go directly to Damascus with Said on his plane, I’ll go directly to Beirut after a few words with Old Brother Hamid.”

Wan Bajun said respectfully, “Yes Mr. Ye! Then my subordinate will leave you!”

Only then did Said come back to his senses, and although he had countless questions in his heart that he wanted to ask Ye Chen, he knew in his heart that this was not the time to ask such questions, so he took the initiative to say to Ye Chen, “Mr. Ye, then I will go back to Damascus first, thank you for your continued help, and I look forward to seeing you again!”

Ye Chen nodded and smiled, “Okay Said, see you next time!”

Ye Chen and Hamid escorted the two men to the door and watched them helicopter off before Hamid exclaimed, “Elder brother Ye, you are so amazing …… how did the famous Ten Thousand Dragons Temple suddenly become your henchman?”

Ye Chen smiled and asked him, “Has old brother heard about the actions of the Ten Thousand Dragons Temple some time ago?”

Hamid scratched his head, “I’m rather closed to information in this part of the world, until you said you were going to bring Wan Bu Jun over to negotiate, I only deliberately inquired about the recent situation of the Ten Thousand Dragon Hall, I heard that they had eaten up one of the top big families in China, forcing that family to give up half of their a*sets, I wonder if that’s true?”