Secret Great Phoenix Chen Chapter 4603

Ye Chen’s first reaction was surprise when he saw Liu Manqiong, who was pavilioned not far away.

Immediately afterwards, he looked at Fei Ke Xin and asked in confusion, “Miss Fei, what is this about?”

Taking advantage of the fact that Liu Manqiong had not yet reached the front, Fei Ke Xin smiled slightly and said in a low voice, “It was me who invited Miss Liu over, I am really sorry for not reporting to you, Mr. Ye, in advance.”

As she said that, Fei Ke Xin added, “I also saw that there seemed to be some misunderstanding between you and Miss Liu, so I thought that you and Miss Liu could have a chance to sit down and have a good chat, otherwise if we go back tomorrow and the day after tomorrow, you will not have such a good chance to clear up the misunderstanding with Miss Liu face to face.”

Ye Chen really did not expect that Fei Ke Xin was so meticulous in her observations and had given such unexpected consideration.

However, although Ye Chen was surprised in his heart, he was also a little more grateful to Fei Ke Xin.

In fact, he also wanted to have a good talk with Liu Manqiong before he left Hong Kong Island, not forcing her to understand the original intention of his actions, but at least to have a chance to say sorry in person.

To say that he was sorry to Liu Manqiong, Ye Chen naturally had a guilty conscience.

However, at the airport this afternoon, when he saw that Liu Manqiong seemed very disappointed with himself, Ye Chen did not know how to explain to her, after all, it was still unknown whether she was willing to listen to his explanation.

In addition, he would soon be returning to the United States, so Ye Chen had some thoughts of breaking the jar.

He felt that, anyway, what was done was done, so he should just do what he had to do. Although he had not told Liu Manqiong the truth, he had eventually given Liu Jiahui a break for Liu Manqiong’s sake.

However, when he came back to this snack street just now, Ye Chen’s heart always involuntarily thought of Liu Manqiong.

When he thought of her, Ye Chen’s heart was more or less depressed.

This feeling was somewhat similar to the one he felt when he saw Nanaoko being injured by Qin Ao Xue and brought back to Japan for urgent treatment.

Although Ye Chen was not a good person with an overwhelming motherly heart, he was not a person of great evil either.

In the middle of his thoughts, Liu Manqiong had already come to the front, Ye Chen’s heart was a bit beaten up, and Liu Manqiong’s heart was even more nervous.

In fact, she did not know that Fei Ke Xin had also asked Ye Chen out tonight.

Because what Fei Ke Xin had told her on the phone was that Ye Chen had a temporary engagement, so she happened to be behind, so she simply asked Liu Manqiong to join her for dinner.

Moreover, she had learnt from Ye Chen’s conversation with Liu Jiahui in the afternoon that Liu Manqiong had a snack street of her own, so she naturally guided Liu Manqiong on the pretext that she wanted to try the local specialties of Hong Kong Island, and set the place for dinner there.

What Liu Manqiong did not expect was that Ye Chen was also here.

This made her panic like a bunny in her heart.

Although she blamed Ye Chen for not telling her the truth and for being too hard-hearted towards her father, she had him in her heart after all, so she had been thinking about Ye Chen almost all the time since she returned home.

She was also worried that if she had not been able to talk to Ye Chen about this matter, then after Ye Chen left Hong Kong Island, the two might not have crossed paths again.

That was why she took the initiative to contact Fei Kexin and wanted to invite her out for a meal together.