Secret Great Phoenix Chen Chapter 4604

But what she really wanted to do was to talk to Fei Kexin about Ye Chen, to get to know him on the one hand, and on the other hand, to take the opportunity to cushion her own mind, so that after her mind was eased, she could take the initiative to talk to Ye Chen again.

But when she suddenly saw Ye Chen here, she suddenly became restrained again, not knowing how to break the awkward atmosphere between her and Ye Chen.

In the end, it was still Fei Ke Xin, a smart woman, who had to solve the problem.

She didn’t even bother to explain to each of them the reason for the other’s appearance here, she just casually laughed and said, “Miss Liu and Mr. Ye really have a heart to heart, you both actually chose this place, you didn’t discuss it in advance, did you?”

With a single sentence, not only did he set aside the matter of forming a bureau behind their backs, he also instantly eased the awkwardness between the two.

At this time, Ye Chen said with a smile, “I had originally made an appointment with Miss Liu to have dinner here tonight.”

Liu Manqiong sat down opposite Ye Chen and looked at him, asking slyly, “You don’t call me Miss Manqiong, Miss Liu instead?”

Ye Chen laughed awkwardly and said, “Wrongly, it’s Miss Manqiong.”

Liu Manqiong seemed to relax a lot, then she put her bag aside, looked at Ye Chen and asked, “Since you have made an appointment, why did you break it?”

Ye Chen was busy saying, “Isn’t this already sitting here?”

Liu Manqiong said, “You’re not sitting here for my appointment either, you’re here for Miss Fei’s appointment.”

Fei Ke welcomed the fact that Ye Chen didn’t know how to answer for a while, so she suddenly spoke up and said, “Oh yes, I have a short conference call, you two talk first, order something to eat by the way, I’ll find a quiet place to make a call.”

With that, she stood up and took a step to leave.

Both Ye Chen and Liu Manqiong did not expect that Fei Ke Xin would flash so dryly.

However, since Fei Ke Xin was not in front of him, Ye Chen looked at Liu Manqiong and said very sincerely, “Miss Manqiong, I’m really sorry for what happened today, the reason why I missed the appointment tonight was mainly because I didn’t know how to face you.”

Liu Manqiong spoke, “So you came here to teach my father a lesson at the beginning, right?”

“Yes.” Ye Chen nodded and said frankly, “I heard that Uncle Zhong was going to be deported back and your father was bent on his life, so I came to Hong Kong Island ahead of him.”

Liu Manqiong asked again, “Because Iso Shipping is your business, and it just so happens that my dad is keen to work with Iso Shipping, so you used this opportunity to get close to us, right?”

“That’s right.” Ye Chen spoke, “My intention was to get closer to your father first, but not let him know my true purpose, and then settle the new and old scores with him after Uncle Zhong was repatriated back, while he was at his most arrogant.”

Liu Manqiong looked at him with a very serious expression and asked, “What about me? Was I originally in your plan?”

“Not in.” Ye Chen shook his head, “Before I came, I had only seen you in the Liu family’s profile, but I didn’t include you in my plan, I only targeted your father alone when I came to Hong Kong Island this time.”

Saying that, Ye Chen added sincerely, “However, for the sake of Uncle Zhong’s safety and to teach your father a more thorough lesson, I have not been clear with you about my intentions, and I do apologise for that.”

Liu Manqiong pursed her lips, hesitated for a moment, and spoke, “Actually …… you actually told me you were here to administer a justice …… which was kind of a precautionary shot with me in advance, it was my own lack of enlightenment, so I don’t blame You.”

Saying that, Liu Manqiong lowered her head and whispered, “And to be realistic, regarding the matter of Uncle Zhong, and your father, it was indeed my father who was at fault in the first place …… Moreover, no matter what his past with Uncle Zhong, and my stepmother actually was, he shouldn’t have moved to kill others for such matters, you teach him a lesson for Uncle Zhong and your father, I have no right to blame you ……”