Secret Great Phoenix Chen Chapter 4605

Liu Manqiong also for some reason, the moment she saw Ye Chen, all the grumbling and blame in her heart instantly dissipated.

And the moment Ye Chen apologised to her, she even felt a little ashamed.

She was ashamed because Ye Chen had come all this way to save Chen Zhaozhong, while her own father, because of his own face, wanted Chen Zhaozhong’s life.

In this, it was clear which was right and which was wrong.

Ye Chen See had never liked to owe anyone, and now that he had spoken to each other, his heart felt a lot lighter, so he said to Liu Manqiong, “Miss Manqiong, since this matter has already pa*sed, then let’s just turn over this page from now on.”

“Good.” Liu Manqiong nodded gently and remembered that Ye Chen had talked to his father about the snack street this afternoon, so he asked curiously, “Mr. Ye, why did you suddenly mention the snack street to my father this afternoon? Could it be that he has some other plans?”

“Yes.” Ye Chen said, “Mr. Liu wants to redevelop the place and make it a commercial centre.”

Liu Manqiong was surprised and asked, “He told you that?”

“Right.” Ye Chen nodded and said, “He was very excited when he described this part, I can see that he has already made up his mind eight or nine times out of ten, so I took this opportunity to let him transfer this snack street directly to you, whether it stays or goes in the future, it’s all up to you to decide.”

Liu Manqiong looked at Ye Chen with a gaze as warm as water and asked softly, “Why are you doing this?”

Ye Chen said casually, “This snack street means a lot to you, and it should be kept for reasons of reason and sense, and your father he is not short of money at all, in fact even if the land here has gone up a lot, there is absolutely no need for him to tear it down and redevelop it.”

Speaking here, Ye Chen sighed, “But you should know how rich people think, they never look at money, it’s not just enough, but they are addicted to making money, so if I don’t ask him, I’m afraid he will really demolish this place, and then if you want to get back the memories of this place, I’m afraid it will never be possible again.”

Liu Manqiong, grateful in her heart, looked at Ye Chen and said softly in a gentle voice, “Thank you ……”

Ye Chen smiled faintly, “No need to be polite, I can empathise with this feeling of yours, after my parents pa*sed away, I would often visit the area near the old house we used to live in, sometimes moving bricks at a very far away construction site, I also had to ride my bicycle there after work to take a look, it would be hard for me to accept if the place was demolished.”

Liu Manqiong asked in surprise, “Mr Ye still moved bricks on construction sites?!”

Ye Chen nodded and said, “After I graduated from high school at the age of eighteen, I started to move around to various construction sites to work, I have done construction sites for civil engineering and also for decoration and renovation, and I have been doing that for six years.”

Liu Manqiong was shocked beyond belief, but also very puzzled as she asked, “But your family is so distinguished, why did you go to work on construction sites? Whether it’s your grandfather or your grandfather, they are both super rich, especially your grandfather, according to my dad, can be ranked among the top three in the world, so why did you have to go to a construction site to move bricks after graduating from high school?”