Secret Great Phoenix Chen Chapter 3929

                And some time ago, his doctors detected that his blood creatinine index was high, and they diagnosed that his kidneys had also begun to fail irreversibly.

                Coupled with other medical conditions, the doctors speculate that he will enter the end stage of kidney disease in a few years’ time.

                At that point, he would have to rely on long-term dialysis to stay alive or hope for a kidney transplant.

                With so many chronic illnesses plaguing him, coupled with his already very poor health, the doctors estimate that his life expectancy will hardly exceed ten years.

                Although he is only seventy years old this year, he already looks so old that he doesn’t look half as old as he is, and there are many who would believe him if they said he was 85 or even 90 years old.

                Once he had successfully auctioned off the rejuvenation pill, he slowly walked onto the stage, supported by his own son.

                On the stage, after praying reverently, he gratefully took the rejuvenating elixir that the staff fed into his mouth.

                This time, the whole audience witnessed the turning back of time.

                The old man, who was so old, became much younger and his body, which had been hunched over, gradually straightened up at a speed visible to the naked eye.

                The Jewish tycoon, himself, did not know how much the chronic illness in his body had improved at this moment, but he could feel that the state of his entire body was improving at an extremely fast pace, soon making him feel much lighter all over.

                If not ten years younger, he had at least regained the state he was in five years ago.

                This made him so excited that he knelt on the ground alone, looking up at the top of his head, and chanting some kind of religious ritual.

                At this moment, the surveillance room.

                Seeing this old man kneeling on the ground, his mouth constantly breaking into pieces, Richard Chen could not help but spit out a sentence, “Obviously it was the Spring Return Pill that helped him, but he turned his head and wanted to thank God.”

                Ye Chen smiled slightly and said, “From a materialistic point of view, it was indeed the Spring Return Pill that helped him, but if we look at it from a materialistic point of view, he might think that it was God who entrusted my hand to bring the Spring Return Pill to him, this kind of situation is not uncommon in China, ah, doctors have a hard time saving their patients, but as a result, the first thing the patients do when they are discharged from the hospital is to go to the temple to offer incense and thank the gods and goddesses for saving his A life, in fact, their mode of thinking is similar, and there is no need for us to judge others.”

                Chen Zekai nodded and said seriously, “You are right, young master.”

                Ye Chen couldn’t help but smack his lips at this time and spoke, “Aiya, the situation is a bit beyond my expectations, a quarter of the Spring Return Pills have already been bid up to 18.5 billion, so it seems that the whole Spring Return Pills for the final finale should not be a big problem to break 100 billion.”

                Speaking of this, Ye Chen could not help but think in his heart, “According to the analysis of Elder Lai’s trigrams, the odds are that Fei Jianzhong will not be able to bid for the Spring Return Pill, which means that there must still be a certain big shot hidden in today’s auction who is more powerful than Fei Jianzhong and can overpower him.”

                “Otherwise, Fei Jianzhong, with a price tag of nearly US$1 trillion, would have been able to take the Spring Return Pill at today’s auction.”

                “Who could that big shot be? Of all the registrants, it simply doesn’t look like there is such a powerful presence, after all, even Fei Jianzhong himself has only declared a*sets of US$100 billion.”

                “As for that Bernard Elnor, who I forced to allocate two billion RMB, although on paper, he looks like the person with the highest value in this auction, there is no way he could be Fei Jianzhong’s opponent.”

                At this thought, Ye Chen again stared at that Huo Yuanzheng in No. 99 for a long time through the surveillance camera and said in his heart, “Could it be that the big man hiding in the shadows is him?”