Secret Great Phoenix Chen Chapter 4238

“Want pain?” Ye Chen snorted and said, “Unless you produce all the information you keep, otherwise, I will keep your dog’s life and make you try this feeling once a day.”

After saying that, Ye Chen looked at Hattori Kazuo and said in a cold voice, “Hattori Kazuo, pull out your belt and use all your strength to hit hard!”

Hattori Ichio dared not to disobey, so he immediately pulled the belt off, rushed to Qiao Feiyun and waved it like crazy.

Qiao Feiyun was wearing only a pair of trousers and the rest of his body was naked, so he was immediately beaten by Hattori Ichigo.

The pain was almost like an explosion that swept through his body, as if every cell was suffering the ultimate pain.

After a few strokes of Hattori Kazuo’s belt, Qiao Feiyun was already in so much pain that it was as if the sky was about to explode.

His entire body was already blurred with consciousness, but the pain did not diminish in the slightest, and continued to destroy his nerves and will.

Ye Chen added at this time, “Broken Jun, have someone prepare a basin of hot water, I want him to try and find out if he can find that feeling of being thrown into iron water!”

Without thinking, Wan Bajun said, “Yes Mr. Ye, my subordinate will arrange it now!”

Hearing this, Qiao Feiyun cried and howled, “Mr. Ye …… I’ll give! I am willing to give you all the evidence …… please don’t torture me anymore …… please ……”

Ye Chen sneered, “Qiao Feiyun, it’s too late to beg for mercy now, I’ve given you a chance ah, but you’re really useless too!”

After saying that, he added: “I heard that this medicine has at least two hours of effect, you first grasp the two hours, enjoy yourself, the rest, we will talk when you are done enjoying.”

At this moment, Qiao Feiyun was turning his intestines blue with regret.

He really didn’t expect that Ye Chen was even more devilish than himself.

At this time, Wan Bajun’s men, carrying a basin of hot water, walked in.

The hot water was still steaming at this moment, and the temperature would not be low at first glance.

Ye Chen knew that if this basin of hot water went down, although Qiao Feiyun would not be scalded to death, he would still be severely scalded.

The pain from the scalding was already extremely intense, and if the medicine was superimposed on it, I was afraid that it would cause him to die in place.

However, Ye Chen didn’t care.

If he really killed him, even if he fed him a rejuvenation pill, he would have to bring him back to life and continue to make him taste the extreme pain!

Otherwise, it would be a shame for the innocent girls who had been killed by these scum!

So, he directly took the basin of hot water from the hands of the General of the Ten Thousand Dragons Hall, and then without any hesitation, he poured the entire basin over Qiao Feiyun’s body.

At this moment, painful wails like hell instantly rang out, Qiao Feiyun seemed like a pig that had been retreated from its hair alive, hanging in mid-air and struggling desperately ……

Ye Chen suddenly remembered something and pointed at Fei Hao Yang at the side and said coldly: “Broken Jun, hurry up and give Young Master Fei a shot too, we can’t let him watch dryly from the side! Look at how anxious he is for Young Master Fei!”

Fei Hao Yang broke down and cried, “Mr. Ye, I am sweating …… in fear!”

Ye Chen said to Wan Bajun, “Never mind how he got sweaty, first give him a shot to refresh his mind!”

Wan Bajun immediately said, “Okay Mr. Ye!”

Ye Chen asked again, “Right Broken Jun, in your Ten Thousand Dragon Hall, are there any generals who are male in gender and male in preference?”

Wan Broken Jun nodded awkwardly, “Back to Mr. Ye, there are definitely …… such cases are indeed more common now as well.”

Ye Chen asked again, “Are there any here?”

Wan Breaking Jun nodded, “There should be.”

Ye Chen waved his hand, “Then why don’t you hurry up and arrange for the two distinguished guests?!”