Secret Great Phoenix Chen Chapter 4239

Ye Chen’s words caused Qiao Feiyun and Fei Hao Yang to be completely scared out of their wits.

The two cried out for mercy almost simultaneously, but Ye Chen turned a deaf ear to their pleas for mercy.

Qiao Feiyun broke down in fear, after all, his perception of pain was now magnified a hundred times, and he dared not imagine what kind of pain he would endure if he was set up, so he yelled out of the blue, “Why are you doing this to us! Even if we have broken the law, we will be judged by the law! According to American law, the most we can get is life in prison without parole, so why are you treating us so inhumanely!!!”

“Inhumane?” Ye Chen asked curiously, “What? When you abused those innocent girls, why didn’t you talk to them about what humanity means? Now that it’s your turn to be unlucky, you’re talking to me about humanity again? What? Is humanity your family’s business?”

Qiao Feiyun cried, “I didn’t do the killing of those girls …… I was only responsible for setting them up, it was Fei Hao Yang and the others who did the killing! Not only Fei Hao Yang! There are at least a few dozen other perverts like him! If you can let me off the hook, I will definitely give them all up to atone for their crimes!”

Ye Chen raised his eyebrows, “What? You’re not guilty because you didn’t kill them? You think you’re innocent because you handed them over? Well, according to your reasoning, I didn’t touch you or beat you anyway, and the special program I’ll arrange for you later will also have special people to serve you, so in that case, why do you still say I’m inhumane? According to you, I’m so f*cking innocent, what did I do that you want to accuse me of being inhumane?”

Qiao Feiyun knew that he was already full of evil and deserved it, and it was impossible to beg for Ye Chen’s forgiveness at this time, so he could only cry and say, “Please, I am willing to give you all the information, which includes every client’s information, every girl’s information that was killed, and all kinds of hidden filming videos, as long as you let me off the hook, I will give it all to you ……”

Ye Chen asked in a cold voice: “When I asked you just now, why didn’t you say anything? When I asked you for that information just now, why didn’t you give it? Didn’t you say that you would rather die than give out that information? Then I’ll let you try what it means to be worse than death!”

After saying that, Ye Chen added, “Trust me, Qiao Feiyun, those information, you will still give them to me sooner or later.”

At this moment, Fei Hao Yang wanted to tear Qiao Feiyun alive and roared in anger, “Qiao Feiyun, you f*cking son of a b*tch! How dare you take a video of me! What the f*ck did you promise me in the first place?”

Qiao Feiyun, tormented by the severe pain, was already broken down and yelled like a madman, “Of course I want to keep f*cking evidence! Otherwise, what the f*ck am I going to do if one day when things go wrong, you b*****ds will dump all the black pots on me alone?”

Seeing the two of them start to bite each other again, Ye Chen said in disgust, “You two remember, those who insult others will always be insulted; those who abuse others will always be abused! This is how the gods know good and evil, the way of heaven is good for reincarnation!”