Secret Great Phoenix Chen Chapter 4416

When Ye Chen heard this, he immediately surmised that this person should be his third aunt.

After all, the only person who could be called second brother was his own second uncle, An Kaifeng.

And the only people who could call him second brother were third uncle An Zhaonan as well as his sister-in-law An Youyou.

Ye Chen’s greatest fear was that if this woman was his own sister-in-law An Youyou, it would mean that the An family’s own people had been infiltrated, a situation that was really unacceptable from either side.

Therefore, when he heard that it was Third Aunt, he was slightly relieved in his heart.

However, it was only a slight relief.

Third Aunt had been married to Third Uncle An Zhaonan for at least ten years, so why on earth would the pillowtop take the form of a dead man?

If she had been brainwashed in the middle of the process, one would have to wonder at the strength of that mysterious organisation, which was able to train the daughter-in-law of a top-notch, well-bred family to become a deadly warrior, a brainwashing ability of the highest order.

If she was a member of the mysterious organization and had been buried undercover by the mysterious organization in advance, then the strength and strategy of the mysterious organization would be even more terrifying!

To be able to train a dead soldier to willingly marry into the An family, to share a bed with third uncle An Zhaonan for more than ten years, and to raise a child together, this kind of layout ability is simply outrageous!

Moreover, this organisation, even allowing this woman to sacrifice her husband and daughter, and even her own life, this kind of control also sends chills down the spine!

If that’s the case, then this mysterious organisation must be incredibly powerful!

And today’s attack was only the tip of the iceberg for that mysterious organisation!

Thinking of this, Ye Chen’s head was already growing bigger and bigger.

He felt that he could no longer leave Grandpa’s family here and had to get them to return to their safety first as soon as possible.

At the same time, they should also be told to hurry up and start a thorough investigation from the background of Third Aunt’s identity and family background.

Although Ye Chen did not know who Third Aunt’s surname was or what family she was from, he could be sure of one thing: Third Aunt’s identity and background would never be that of an ordinary family, otherwise it would not have been possible for her to be married into the An family.

Moreover, before Third Aunt married into the An family, the An family would certainly conduct a close background investigation on her and her family, if the other party could hide so much that even the An family could not investigate, then the ability in this was indeed not small, digging deep into her family background, they would definitely find clues!

Thinking of this, Ye Chen said to Fei Kexin, “Miss Fei, it would be hard for you and Mr. Yuan to communicate with my grandfather’s family, so that they can immediately gather people to cover their departure, and then it would also be hard for you and Mr. Yuan to escort them all the way until they arrive safely.”

Without thinking, Fei Ke Xin said, “Yes, Mr. Ye, I’ll make the arrangements then!”

After saying that, Fei Ke Xin remembered something and hurriedly asked, “Mr. Ye, I just returned to New York, and the news about the Fei family has been widely publicized.

Ye Chen said, “Just say that you were also entrusted by someone, if they repeatedly ask, you can say that you are also returning a favor and do not know the other party’s true identity.”

Fei Ke Xin nodded: “I understand Mr. Ye! The An family must know that my grandfather and I were being hunted in China but suddenly returned to the Fei family a few days ago, I will just tell them straight out that you are the benefactor who saved my grandfather and I in China, as for your real identity, I will say that I don’t know it either like them, this way they should be more likely to believe it!”