Secret Great Phoenix Chen Chapter 3921

Therefore, the one who can get this Spring Return Pill at this stage is likely to be the strongest of the others, apart from those who intend to compete for the last whole Spring Return Pill.

In that case, it would be better for the strongest one to hurry up and get the second Spring Return Pill auctioned away; without him, the price of the next two copies of the Spring Return Pill would most likely fall back a little.

With this in mind, several people who still had the strength to continue bidding gave up their bids one after another.

However, their mistake was that they all thought they were the smartest ones, but they didn’t think that there were actually quite a few people on the floor who thought the same as them.

So, when Todd raised the price to US$10 billion, the remaining man, too, gave up the competition.

He felt that when this strong competitor withdrew, the strongest person in the room would probably be himself.

Moreover, just now, he and he had started a one-on-one tussle from US$9 billion, and the others had been unable to keep up.

That way, once he had auctioned off the second Spring Return Pill, then when the third Spring Return Pill was up for grabs, he might only need nine billion dollars to take it.

In that case, wouldn’t it save a billion dollars?

Although money had long since ceased to be money in such a perverse auction, a billion dollars out of this door would be a huge fortune anywhere, so if there was a chance to save, why not save it?

Song Wanting at this time, finally had the opportunity to make an offer.

A price of ten billion dollars had stunned her beyond attaching.

She quietly wiped the sweat from her hands with a tissue, picked up the wooden hammer and spoke: “No. 071 is currently offering US$10 billion, is there anyone else on the floor who is offering more than this price? If so, please raise your hand so I can see it!”

The scene was silent.

Song Wanting nodded and smiled faintly, “Good, ten billion dollars for the first time!”

“Ten billion dollars for the second time! This is the second copy of the Spring Return Pill tonight, so if there are any customers who want to compete, please hurry.”

There was still no response from the scene.

Song Wanting then continued, “US$10 billion for the third time! Sold! Thank you No. 027, the second copy of the Spring Return Pill is yours!”

When Song Wanting dropped the hammer, Todd, the up-and-coming Silicon Valley entrepreneur who had finally managed to win the second copy of the Spring Return Elixir for US$10 billion, burst into tears of excitement.

Many people looked towards him, and some of them immediately recognised Todd.

Todd was not only famous in Silicon Valley, but was relatively well known worldwide, often featured in the media in various countries, and counted as a prominent young entrepreneur around the world.

The difference between young entrepreneurs and many invisible tycoons is that the wealth of the invisible tycoons comes from the years of cultivation and inheritance of their forefathers, and has long since spread around the world and touched all walks of life, revealing to the world only the tip of the iceberg.

But young entrepreneurs like Todd, who mostly start from scratch and build their fortunes very quickly, find it difficult to keep a low profile.

Not only him, but also Tesla owner Elon Musk, who is even richer and more successful than him, and facek owner Mark Zuckerberg cannot hide their wealth from the world.

It was precisely because he couldn’t hide himself that the news of Todd’s injury in Switzerland, like that of King Schumacher’s skiing injury back then, hit the headlines worldwide as soon as it broke and became almost universally known.

So, when people around him recognised him, they immediately remembered that he had had a major skiing accident and was already paraplegic.

So, one by one, the crowd also waited and watched.

They were also curious to know, since the Spring Returning Pill could cure Parkinson’s, whether this spinal cord type of paraplegia, for which there was absolutely no medical possibility of recovery, could it be cured or not?