Secret Great Phoenix Chen Chapter 3986

An Chongqiu thought that he might be able to use more high-end and scarce resources to make good relations with Song Wanting in the future, so he asked politely, “Miss Song, I wonder if we can leave a contact information for each other, so that if there is anything that we need to help the An family with in the future, we can always let me know.”

Although the An family is a hundred times stronger than us, we don’t have too many ambitions, we just want to run our own place in Jinling.”

An Chongqiu had completely lost any sense of superiority.

So what if they had money and resources, even though they didn’t, they didn’t even look at them.

If he continued to show his superiority here, he would only end up making a fool of himself.

So, he stood up in a dishevelled manner and said politely, “Miss Song, I’ll take my leave then.”

Song Wanting nodded and said indifferently, “Mr. An I still have things to do, so I won’t see you off.”

An Chongqiu had already suffered enough blows and had lost his temper at this point, so he gave a sarcastic smile and nodded before turning around and walking out on his own.

As soon as An Chongqiu left, Song Wanting immediately took a few deep breaths nervously.

She then hurriedly walked into the lounge behind the concealed door and saw that Ye Chen was sitting on the single sofa with his legs crossed, and hurriedly asked, “Master Ye, would my attitude towards your uncle just now be too much ……”

Ye Chen laughed, “No, I think it’s okay, you can’t leave any hope for him in this situation.”

Song Wanting nodded and said seriously, “I think so too …… And I’m afraid that if I’m suddenly too polite to him, I’ll look like I’m not taking a stand …… After all, I’m representing the auction, representing you, and he’s repeatedly tried to challenge the rules you’ve set, so if I’m polite to him, he might think that the auction really scorns his An family’s status ……”

Ye Chen smiled faintly and said, “Wanting, you did the right thing, and the measure was also spot on, in this case, neither to be polite to him, nor to react too fiercely, this is just right, to suppress his self-confidence, frustrate him, and by the way, to completely destroy his hope of fighting against the rules.”

Song Wanting also breathed a sigh of relief and said seriously, “As long as you don’t have a problem with it ……”

Ye Chen nodded slightly and added, “Right Wanting, issue a notice to everyone attending the auction, warning anyone not to privately search for the owner of the Spring Return Pill, once found, they will likewise be permanently disqualified from attending the auction.”

Song Wanting immediately said, “Okay Master Ye, I will have someone notify them one by one.”

Ye Chen said, “It’s still too troublesome to notify them one by one, it’s best to have the technical staff develop another software, the previous one was specifically used for registration, and another software specifically for successful bidders who have registered and participated in the Spring Return Pill auction, as well as those whose background and financial strength meet our requirements. can be pushed directly to them through this software.”

“Good!” Song Wanting said without a second thought, “I’ll start working on the arrangements for this today.”

Saying that, she hurriedly asked, “Master Ye, do you have any other functional requirements for this software?”

Ye Chen thought about it and suddenly had a new thought and said, “I want to develop a mission publishing function on this software.”

“Mission publishing?” Song Wanting asked, “Can you tell me about the basic logic?”

Ye Chen then said, “I, as the official, can issue tasks to each of them through this software, and for each task, there will be a corresponding reward for whoever completes the tasks I issue.”

Speaking of this, Ye Chen smiled and said, “The reward I give is not money, it is a virtual fragment of the Spring Return Pill!”