Secret Great Phoenix Chen Chapter 3985

Hearing Song Wanting’s advice, An Chongqiu hesitated for a moment and opened his mouth to ask, “Miss Song, do you know about The An Family?”

“The An Family?” Song Wanting frowned and asked casually, “Is it a TV series that was a hit some time ago?”

An Chongqiu said awkwardly, “It’s not a TV series, it’s an American Chinese family, the An Family.”

Song Wanting asked in mock surprise, “I think I heard that the An family seems to be one of the top three families in the world, and the highest ranking Chinese family in the world, what’s wrong?”

An Chongqiu then breathed a sigh of relief and said seriously, “To be honest with you Miss Song, my real identity is the eldest son of the An family, An Chongqiu.”

Song Wanting said with a shocked expression, “You’re not called Huo Yuanzheng?”

An Chongqiu said truthfully, “Huo Yuanzheng is only one of my identities.”

Song Wanting said seriously, “Mr. An, right? If you use a false identity to participate in the auction, according to the auction’s rules, you will also be permanently deprived of the right to participate!”

An Chongqiu did not expect that Song Wanting would not marvel at his own initiative to reveal his true identity, but instead circled back to the rules of the auction.

An Chongqiu was already somewhat skeptical of life at this moment.

Because, in the past, any Chinese entrepreneur, even Mr Li Lao, who had once been the richest man in the openly Chinese, would bow down and grovel when meeting him.

However, now in Song Wanting’s eyes, it did not matter whether he was from the An family or the Zhang or Li families, what mattered surprisingly was that he had touched the rules of the auction ……

He could not help but ask himself in his heart, “Could it be that my identity, An Chongqiu, is not even as important in her eyes as the rules of the auction?!”

Just as he was doubting his life, Song Wanting had already stood up and said nonchalantly, “Mr. An, right? Sorry, we don’t welcome people like you here who even have to hide their true identity, please go back.”

In his fifty years of life, An Chongqiu had never been so stifled, except for last night when he was thrown out of the auction on the spot by the security staff.

If it were anyone else, he would not have been moved by the invitation, but he did not expect to come to China to attend an auction and be thrown out one after another.

But reason overcame impulse and he could only say with a stiff upper lip, “Sorry Miss Song, my participation in the auction under an alias was also an unintentional mistake, so please be understanding, and Miss Song should have heard something about the strength of the An family, if Miss Song can help to bring a message to the owner of the Spring Return Pill, so that he can take time out of his busy schedule to meet with me, the An family will definitely do its best to repay Miss Song’s help ……”

In An Chongqiu’s opinion, this promise of his was indeed already worth a thousand dollars.

The An family’s strength was at least a hundred times that of the Song family, and even a casual boost to the Song family could bring the Song family up a notch.

But he did not expect that Song Wanting would not give a D*mn about it.

She said without hesitation, “Mr. An, to you, money and status may be your pa*sport to unimpeded access to the world, but I want to tell you that money and status simply won’t work here!”

Saying that, Song Wanting added, “The owner of the Spring Return Pill told me clearly a long time ago that he would never change the rules for anyone, even the head of the Rothschild family is not qualified to do so, so what makes you think that your status will make him change his mind? So, I advise you to give up these unrealistic fantasies and go back to North America.”

An Chongqiu had wanted to, using his true identity, impress the owner of the Spring Returning Dan behind him.

Perhaps after the other party heard that he was from the An family, he would be flattered and overjoyed, and immediately agree to meet with him right afterwards.

But what he did not expect was that the other party had even put out the word that even the Rothschild family’s patriarch was not in his sights.

At this moment, An Chongqiu was devastated.

Song Wanting had basically blocked all avenues by saying this.

An Chongqiu was too embarra*sed to continue to use his status as a member of the An family to find any sense of existence in this situation.

Thinking of this, he could only say awkwardly, “Alright …… since that’s the case, then I won’t give Miss Song any trouble.”

Song Wanting nodded and said indifferently, “Mr. An take care, I won’t see you off.”