Secret Great Phoenix Chen Chapter 3984

Song Wanting nodded gently and said, “I understand Master Ye, in that case, then I will have my secretary invite him to the parlour, I will meet him in the parlour, you wait here for a moment.”

Ye Chen stood up and said, “It’s better for me to go to the parlour and wait, you are the chairman of Song Group, for him to come to see you and you don’t meet him in your own office will only make him think that you have a more important guest in your office, and since the auction just ended yesterday, he will definitely be thinking about it in his mind.”

Song Wanting busily said, “Master Ye, you can go directly to my room at the back and take a rest.”

With that, she stood up and pushed a piece of geometric decoration on the back wall directly away from the left side of the back wall of her office.

This turned out to be an invisible door that made perfect use of the background wall decoration and lines to hide itself.

On the other side of the invisible door was a lounge of around thirty square metres, the room had a bed, a toilet, a shower as well as a wardrobe and a ma*sage chair, basically a standard bachelor’s flat.

Ye Chen was brightened by this design show, while Song Wanting introduced it at the side, “This was still left behind by grandpa before, he usually needed to take his lunch break at the company, so he made such a dark room, but I have replaced all the furniture inside with new ones, you can rest here for a while.”

Ye Chen nodded and said, “Okay, I also happen to listen to what he is going to talk to you about.”


Song Wanting closed the door and then asked her secretary to invite An Chongqiu in.

As soon as An Chongqiu entered, he said with a humble face, “Hello Miss Song, we meet again.”

Song Wanting gave a polite smile as a greeting, and then asked, “Mr. Huo is here to see me, is there something wrong?”

An Chongqiu was busy saying, “I’m not going to hide it from you …… or the matter of the Spring Return Pill …… Yesterday at the auction, it’s true that I wasn’t sensible enough and gave Miss Song trouble, but I genuinely want to buy a Spring Return Pill, so I want to ask Miss Song Miss Song do me a favor and ask the owner of the Spring Return Pill for me, can you sell me one privately, and if my offer yesterday wasn’t high enough, I can increase it some more.”

Song Wanting shook her head and said, “Sorry Mr Huo, in fact the one who ordered your expulsion yesterday was the owner of the Spring Return Pill himself, he was behind the whole auction and he was controlling everything, I was following his instructions completely.”

An Chongqiu was surprised and asked, “He was there yesterday?

Song Wanting said blandly, “He wasn’t there, he just watched the whole thing through the video feed.”

Saying that, Song Wanting added, “He is a person who actually does not put money in his eyes, you think you are willing to spend US$370 billion on a Spring Return Pill, but as far as I know, I am afraid that the Spring Return Pill he has given out alone is not enough to count on one hand.”

An Chongqiu’s jaw dropped as he listened.

Song Wanting added at this time, “Mr. Huo, the owner of the Spring Return Pill is most concerned with rules, not money, even if you take more money out, he will not break his rules for you, and as you were expelled from the venue yesterday, from now on, you are not even qualified to participate in the Spring Return Pill auction again.”

Speaking here, Song Wanting looked at him and said seriously, “Mr. Huo, I suggest you should stop making similar attempts, since you insisted on gambling at the auction yesterday, if you lost the bet, you have to be willing to gamble and accept defeat, so you’d better hurry up and leave Jinling and go back to North America, and if you really have someone at home who needs the Spring Return Pill, let him sign up for it himself next year! “