Secret Great Phoenix Chen Chapter 3687

They then rummaged around in a frenzy of joy and pulled out a whole dozen bottles of water, as well as a dozen packs of compressed biscuits and a few unblown life jackets.

The men were overjoyed at the sight of these supplies!

They first grabbed a life jacket and immediately put it on their bodies and started blowing through the air vent on their shoulders.

However, no matter how much they blew, the life jackets did not change, it was like a thin layer of plastic vest stuck to their bodies.

Just as everyone was looking at each other, one man cursed in despair, “f*ck, the life jackets are all torn up! They’re leaking everywhere!”

The man at the head of the group broke down, “It looks like these b*****ds had planned this!”

With that, he looked at the bottled water and compressed biscuits and lamented, “Count on this gang to have some last conscience and leave us some food and water, save it and maybe we can get back alive ……”

Saying this, he picked up a bottle of water with the intention of taking a sip, and when he gently twisted it, he found that there was no damping at all, and his heart thumped.

When he carefully took a sip with his mouth, he immediately threw the water into the sea, spitting under his breath while cursing, “Blah, blah, blah, f*ck! I can’t believe it’s seawater! What kind of devils are these people!”

The others, not believing in evil, hurriedly opened all the remaining water one by one and tasted it.

They were furious and cursed under their breath, but when they looked down they realised that the ship had been filled with seawater and that if they continued like this, the ship would certainly sink.

So they had to fight for their lives, using their hands to throw the water from the cabin outwards.

The pirate at the head of the group, who didn’t look like a pirate at this moment, couldn’t stop crying as he poured water over the ship, and cursed under his breath: “These D*mned b*****ds from the Ten Thousand Dragons Temple …… don’t have any f*cking humanitarian spirit! Don’t they know that pirates are human beings too! Pirates have human rights too!”

A pirate across the street blurted out, “Everyone go faster, or the ship will really sink!”

By now, the Xinglong was getting farther and farther away.

At first everyone could still see the lifeboat, with a few pirates frantically splashing water outwards, but as the distance got further and further away, the lifeboat disappeared into the sea level.

That captain of the Ten Thousand Dragon Temple instructed the subordinate beside him at this time, “Post the video you just took on the internet.”

“Yes Captain!”

A video, soon after, exploded on video sites around the world.

The video was released by the Ten Thousand Dragons Hall, and it recorded the entire process of how the Ten Thousand Dragons Hall had just disposed of these pirates.

Within an hour of its release, the video had been viewed by more than 100 million netizens, received millions of likes and hundreds of thousands of comments on the internet.

Although the practice of the Dragon Temple was a bit cruel and even mixed with some dark humour, the vast majority of netizens around the world, with the exception of a very few holy mothers who protested against the inhumane practice of the Dragon Temple in the comments section, praised them for what they had done!

These people have done so much evil, hijacking merchant ships from all over the world all year round, and with such an arrogant attitude that they have long since become the public enemy of all people on a global scale.

However, due to some special reasons, no one has been able to liquidate them in any real sense.

Special political reasons account for a large part of this.

However, none of this was a problem for the Ten Thousand Dragons Temple.

Because the Hall of Ten Thousand Dragons is a mercenary organisation, international law cannot form a constraint on them, either.

To put it bluntly, mercenary organisations and pirate organisations are, in the international arena, both typical extra-legal fanatics.

The battle between two extra-legal fanatics is a complete and utter hard fight!