Secret Great Phoenix Chen Chapter 3688

Soon, as the video became a huge hit, the Ten Thousand Dragons Temple also became an object of pa*sionate pursuit by netizens around the world.

Many people who previously had little or no feeling for the mercenary organisation, or even some antipathy, were at this point also ignited by the actions of the Ten Thousand Dragons Temple and praised it.

This instantly allowed the Ten Thousand Dragons Hall to gain a large wave of pa*serby fans, and also allowed their reputation to rise rapidly.

On the internet, there was even a collective a*sociation of many netizens.

They pleaded with the Ten Thousand Dragons Temple to be able to wipe out these rampaging pirates, so that pirates, a group that should have disappeared from civilised society a long time ago, could be completely retired from the stage of history.

In the past decades, pirates have been repeatedly banned in the Gulf of Aden, which is the choke point for sea transport, and there is no other alternative, so the world can do nothing about these pirates.

However, the performance of the Ten Thousand Dragons Temple today has given many people hope.

Ye Chen originally thought that it would take at least a year or two to allow the Ten Thousand Dragon Temple to gradually clear its name.

But today’s gushing praise for the Ten Thousand Dragons Hall on the internet made him realise that it was actually very simple for the Ten Thousand Dragons Hall to clear its name, all it needed to do was to find a ten evil villains as a stepping stone and step on his corpse to rise to the top.

Now, there was a good opportunity right in front of him.

As long as the initial battle between the Ten Thousand Dragons Temple and the pirates was fought beautifully, it would be enough to send the reputation of the Ten Thousand Dragons Temple skyrocketing.

At this moment, Badr, who was in the main camp, did not know that he had already become the first stepping stone for the Hall of Ten Thousand Dragons.

When he saw that video released by the Ten Thousand Dragons Temple, he was instantly enraged.

He could not wait to send all the speedboats he had to seek revenge on this cargo ship.

However, for pirates like them, trying to find a specific ship in the vast ocean was almost an impossible task.

Furious, he immediately had his men announce to the public that from now on, he would be at odds with the Ten Thousand Dragons Temple, and at the same time, he also transferred his anger to the owner of the Xinglong.

He immediately issued a public statement, demanding that the owner of the Xinglong, the Chinese company Isuzu Shipping, pay him US$50 million in cash.

At the same time, he also issued a harsh statement that the Isu Shipping Line must permanently abandon the armed escort service of the Ten Thousand Dragon Temple.

Otherwise, it would ambush all Isu Shipping’s ships in the Gulf of Aden and make Isu Shipping pay a terrible price!

He even let it be known that any ship owner or shipping company that dared to cooperate with the Ten Thousand Dragons Palace in the future would be subject to his endless retaliation.

Once this statement was issued, public opinion was in an uproar.

No one thought that a pirate leader could be so arrogant as to not only make an enemy of the Dragon Palace, but even take revenge on a shipping company for doing so.

But to everyone’s surprise, Isu Shipping did not take Badr seriously at all.

They even publicly announced that all the armed escort services of Isu Shipping had been entrusted exclusively to Wan Long Temple, and that every cargo ship of Isu Shipping pa*sing through the Gulf of Aden would be provided with armed escort by Wan Long Temple in future.

This announcement also made the world appreciate the tough attitude of the Isu Shipping Line.

Badr was furious and immediately called out that he would make the Isu Shipping Line pay the heaviest price and that it would never be able to set foot in the Gulf of Aden.

Just as Badr’s announcement was released, Wan Bajun called Ye Chen and said, “Mr. Ye, I have just seen the announcement made by the pirate group, these people are used to roaming around in the Gulf of Aden and really don’t know what they are doing.