Secret Great Phoenix Chen Chapter 4034

                Andre laughed and said excitedly, “Good! Mr. Ye is really very quick, in that case, I’ll play a few more games with you!”

                After saying that, he immediately ordered Guo Lei, “Get Mr. Ye another two million chips!”

                Guo Lei ran out without hesitation and returned a minute later with this tray of chips.

                This time, the speed at which Ye Chen lost money set a new record.

                It only took him 20 minutes to lose the 2 million.

                The rabbit girl next to him, who had never seen anything in the world before, was already completely stunned.

                After all, she was not a professional in the casino and had never seen such a big game.

                Andre was trembling uncontrollably with excitement, he had never made money as fast as he did this evening.

                As for Ye Chen, under the control of that lottery official, the cards in his hand were always overwhelmed by Andrei, and it could be said that he was losing no matter how he played.

                Ye Chen himself perfectly portrayed a gambler who had lost to the point of losing his mind.

                By this time, Ye Chen was completely red-eyed with loss and only wanted to continue gambling, even if his cards were bad, he kept on throwing money in, and kept chanting, “I don’t believe I can be so unlucky!”

                Soon, he had lost fourteen million chips.

                When he ran out of chips again, he didn’t wait for Andre to say anything, he immediately said to Guo Lei, “Go, get me another two million!”

                Andre said with a smile at this time, “Mr. Ye, you already owe me 14 million.”

                Saying that, he picked up the pile of information and said indifferently, “You have this ship but I can only offset 15 million here, so now you have at most 1 million in credit.”

                Ye Chen said impatiently, “Then hurry up and bring me a million chips! I’m going to flip tonight!”

                Andre laughed, “Of course it’s okay to bring a million chips, but I have to remind you, Mr. Ye, if you lose all of this million, you won’t be able to lose.”

                Ye Chen said coldly, “Cut the f*cking crap, I’m sure I can flip the game! Hurry up and bring over the chips!”

                Andre nodded, “Good! In that case, then I’ll give you another million!”

                Without saying a word, Guo Lei immediately took another million in chips and handed it to Ye Chen.

                This time, Ye Chen also seemed to be a little impatient, as he grabbed a hand that looked good um, and bet all of his one million.

                In the end, there was no doubt that it was Andre who won again.

                At this time, Andre stood up, took those information and said to Ye Chen, “Mr. Ye, you lost 15 million, now you only have two choices, either, transfer this ship to me, or, you pay me back 16.5 million with interest, if after tomorrow night, every day that pa*ses will increase the interest by 165,000, which one do you want to choose? “

                Ye Chen let out a long breath, seemingly already willing to gamble and concede, and said indifferently, “I’ll choose the first one, the ship is yours.”

                Andre nodded in satisfaction and smiled, “In that case, I will have my lawyer prepare the contract later, after signing, it will be hard for Mr Ye to stay here tonight, and tomorrow after dawn, we will go to the port together to see the ship and then finish the transfer formalities love.”

                Ye Chen looked at the time, it was already twelve o’clock in the evening local time, so he spoke, “This ship will be sailing back to China at two o’clock in the morning, if you want this ship, you’d better go over and stop it now.”