Secret Great Phoenix Chen Chapter 4033

Seeing that Ye Chen had slapped out a thick copy of the information, Andre hurriedly drew it over, and then carefully flipped through it.

                After reading a few pages, a surprised smile appeared on the corner of his mouth, and then his expression changed to a flattering one as he said with a smile, “Mr. Ye is really extraordinary, his business has reached Vancouver, and this ship cost 20 million dollars second-hand, it’s really not cheap!”

                Ye Chen said indifferently, “It’s only 15,000 tons, it’s nothing.”

                After saying that, Ye Chen asked with some impatience, “Cut the crap, how much can this ship worth, give me a figure.”

                Andre’s heart was moving at this moment.

                His group, often through the sea route, would transport some contraband into or out of Canada.

                But because of their lack of financial resources, they did not have their own cargo ships, and had always had to borrow other people’s cargo ships to transport their goods.

                The cost of using someone else’s ship was so high that it accounted for more than 30% of the total cost of the business.

                Andre had also dreamed of owning his own freighter, but the price of tens of millions of dollars was really out of his reach.

                But to his surprise, Ye Chen had taken the initiative to send one to him.

                If he didn’t seize the opportunity to keep the freighter, he would be sorry that God had arranged this good deal for him.

                When he thought of this, his first thought was to make Ye Chen lose more, the more he lost, the better, preferably so much that Ye Chen would just give up and buy the ship back from him.

                Having made up his mind, he said to Ye Chen, “Mr. Ye, since your ship was just traded for $20 million, I can at least give you a mortgage of 15 million Canadian dollars, see how much you need?”

                Ye Chen said indifferently, “Take these information first, then have someone prepare two million chips for me, I will borrow them from you when I lose them all, if I win back and pay back the chips I owe you, then you will return the information to me.”

                If you borrow two million dollars, even if you borrow it and pay me back the next day, you have to pay me two hundred thousand dollars in interest, which is two hundred and twenty thousand dollars, and from the next day onwards, the interest will be twenty-two thousand dollars per day. “

                Ye Chen said unconcernedly, “Okay, I know, hurry up and bring me the chips.”

                Andre looked at Guo Lei and said with a smile, “Guo, you go get the chips for Mr. Ye!”

                Guo Lei was also excited, Ye Chen had already lost two million tonight, if this ship lost all 15 million, that would be 17 million, he could make a fortune just by taking the draw!

                So he hastened to prepare the chips diligently, hoping that Ye Chen would lose even faster.

                And Ye Chen did not let him down.

                This time, Ye Chen’s performance at the gambling table seemed to be clearly a little impatient.

                The amount he bet was much larger than just now, sometimes he could drop in 200,000 to 300,000 in a single hand.

                Therefore, after just under half an hour, he had already lost all of the two million chips.

                Seeing Ye Chen’s chagrined face, Andre could not help but smile and say, “Sir, it seems that you are not very lucky with your cards today, I almost gave up on that hand just now, but I did not expect to gamble on the last hand and found that your bottom card was really not as big as mine!”

                Ye Chen gritted his teeth and cursed, “D*mn it, I don’t believe in this evil!”

                After saying that, he looked at Guo Lei and said in a cold voice, “Bring me another two million!”

                Andre reminded, “Mr. Ye, that’s four million!”

                “Never mind.” Ye Chen pointed at the pile of cargo ship information in front of Andrei and said through clenched teeth, “If I can’t flip tonight, that ship will be yours!”