Secret Great Phoenix Chen Chapter 3763

After a pause, Qin just added: “Some time ago I just bought a very large local Chinese medicine production base in Bozhou, and then invested another sum of money with the intention of expanding, to be honest this step is a bit too big, filling in basically all the active funds on hand …… ”

“But never thought that the housing listings of Tangchen Yipin also came out at this juncture, because the funds on hand are not too abundant, so I sold that villa in Water Cloud Villa, that villa is likely to be vacant in the future anyway.”

Ye Chen then said, “If you don’t have enough money on hand, just let me know, I can always support you partly. If you can’t, I’ll fix some for you now.”

Qin Gang was somewhat flattered and said, “Master Ye, with your words, I am very grateful, but right now there is no big problem with the funds, just now Wei Liang also called me and said that he would settle the payment for the last batch of herbs for me right away, once this money arrives, I will be back to blood.”

Ye Chen instructed, “General Manager Qin, if there are similar problems in the future, contact me at the first opportunity.”

“Good!” Qin Gang said excitedly, “I know Master Ye!”

Ye Chen asked him again, “By the way, when are you planning to move to Townsend One?”

Qin Gang said, “Ao Xue is preparing for it these days, the villa is renovated, nothing needs to be changed drastically, just some furniture needs to be replaced, I guess it should be finished in a few days, Ao Xue said she will invite you to dinner at home to give you a surprise, you must pretend not to know then… …”

Ye Chen said with a smile, “Good, I will definitely come to congratulate you then.”

As he said that, Ye Chen thought of Zhan Feier and asked him, “By the way, Mr. Qin, is the person who bought that villa in your Water Cloud Villa named Zhan Feier?”

Qin Gang said, “No, the person who bought the villa is a Chinese American surnamed Chen, called Chen Ying Shan.”

Hearing the name Chen Yingshan, Ye Chen guessed that she should be Zhan Fei’er’s a*sistant.

At this time, Qin Gang added: “However, the house did end up being transferred to that Zhan Feier’s name, only that I didn’t see Zhan Feier in person, the transfer procedures were all done by Chen Yingshan on her behalf.”

Ye Chen was astonished and asked him out of the blue, “What? You haven’t seen Zhan Feier in person, hasn’t she come to see the house?”

“No.” Qin Gang said, “It was that Chen Ying Shan herself who came and saw it just once, and after seeing it that day, she made the decision on the spot.”

Ye Chen asked, “Then did she take pictures of the house and send them to others, or did she video call others to show them the house?”

“No.” Qin Gang said, “She was brought by the agent on the day she looked at the house, we arranged to meet directly at the villa, after she came I showed her the house, made a brief introduction, and then she took it, in between I didn’t see her take any photos or record any videos, let alone call or video call with others.”

When Ye Chen heard this, he was even more surprised.

If it was according to what Zhan Feier said, she had bought this house for the elderly members of her family to return to live in Jinling.

Moreover, it was also clear from her performance that she had shown great interest in this house, not only inviting herself over to see the feng shui through her old husband, Xiao Changkun, but even trying to get her wife, Xiao Churan, to help her redecorate it.

However, if Zhan Fei’er hadn’t shown up from the time she chose the house to the time she bought it, then the gap between Zhan Fei’er’s attitude towards the house was too obvious.

Before she bought it, she didn’t care about it at all and didn’t even take a look at it, directly letting her a*sistant make all the decisions.

But after the purchase, she suddenly became extremely concerned, not only confirming the feng shui issues, but even investing heavily in redecorating.

After thinking about it, Ye Chen had only one answer.

That was, Zhan Feier’s performance before she bought this house was her real attitude towards it.

And her behaviour after she bought the house was just a deliberate play she was putting on for herself on top of this house!