Secret Great Phoenix Chen Chapter 3764

Thinking about this, Ye Chen’s brows tightened and he felt more and more that that Zhan Feier seemed to have some bad intentions.

Ye Chen even speculated that this Zhan Feier had asked her a*sistant to buy Qin Gang’s villa, not for the old man to live in at all, but simply to get close to herself.

If that was the case, then it was likely that her funding of the Jinling Calligraphy and Painting a*sociation was also just a pretext.

Instead, her real purpose was most likely to get close to her old husband, Xiao Changkun, and then through his connections, use the excuse of reading feng shui to get close to herself.

This caused a strong sense of alarm to surge up in Ye Chen’s heart.

From the time he accepted the ten billion dollars from Tang Sihai and accepted the Dihao Group, until now, Ye Chen had been hiding his identity as much as possible, especially in front of his wife and family.

The reason for this was that he did not want anyone to find them, especially his wife Xiao Churan, because of his true identity.

And over the past year or so, Ye Chen had been hiding well, and although he had made many enemies, apart from his own arrogant and domineering aunt Ye Changmin, there was really no one who had focused their attention on Xiao Churan.

However, this Zhan Feier had broken this situation, not only had she found Ye Chen, but she had even found Ye Chen’s father-in-law and wife.

This had undoubtedly touched Ye Chen’s scales, and at the same time made him determined to dig out Zhan Fei’er’s true identity, and then return the favour by quietly latching onto her in his own pocket.

If she really dares to do anything threatening to those around her, then let her have no return!


The first thing that I want to do is to ask her to look at the house at the Water Cloud Villa. The budget for the renovation is $30 million, with a 10% design fee. ”

Chen Ying Shan could not help but ask: “Miss, you have already found that Ye Chen, so why waste time on Xiao Churan?”

Fei Ke Xin said seriously, “I’m doing all this to be prepared, in case grandpa can’t get the Spring Return Pill at the auction, then I still have a ray of hope here.”

Chen Ying Shan couldn’t help but say, “Miss, I think with the Fei family’s strength, the chances of grandpa taking the Spring Return Pill at the auction are still very high.”

Fei Ke Xin shook her head and said, “To be honest, I don’t have any hope for the auction.”

Chen Ying Shan asked in confusion, “Why did you say that, Miss? Have you heard something?”

“No.” Fei Ke Xin said blandly, “I just deduced the future trajectory of this matter based on my own perception, and in my deduction, it would be difficult for grandpa to get that Spring Return Pill at the auction.”

Hearing this, Chen Ying Shan’s entire body was dumbfounded, she could not figure out why Fei Ke Xin was so pessimistic about the auction, so she asked, “Ah? Why do you say that, Miss?”

Fei Ke Xin looked out of the window, gave a light laugh and said, “I have my analysis model, only this model involves too wide and too many elements, it is impossible to say clearly, so you should not ask.”

“Alright ……” Chen Ying Shan nodded helplessly and asked again, “Miss, then what do you think, how likely is it to get the Spring Return Pill from Ye Chen?”

Fei Ke Xin shrugged her shoulders, spread her hands and said, “Actually, I’m not sure about Ye Chen, this person is too weird and doesn’t make sense everywhere, so there’s no way to judge him with normal experience.”

Saying that, Fei Ke Xin sighed, her eyes becoming more and more determined as she said, “But if I don’t find a way to get to know Ye Chen, I can only pin all my hopes on the auction, and after I get to know him, there is one more possibility, even if the second possibility only has a 1% chance of success, I will never give up! Because as long as there’s a ray of hope, it’s all a bit better than hanging on to a tree!”

Then, Fei Ke Xin added, “If we successfully get to know his wife, we will inevitably be able to raise it moderately on top of the 1%, and if we have the chance to build a certain friendship base with them, the possibility will be further raised.”