Secret Great Phoenix Chen Chapter 3765

Chen Ying Shan nodded and said, “Miss, if we include Xiao Chang Kun, the success rate should be a bit higher, right?”

“Right.” Fei Ke Xin nodded and sighed, “What we need to do now is to go all out to show goodwill to Ye Chen’s family members around him, only then can we fight for more chances of winning, otherwise, in a few years, we will be driven out of the Fei family and reduced to a side branch of the Fei family.”

The internal logic of the Fei family, as a Chinese family, is very similar to that of most Chinese families.

The most brutal of these is the succession struggle.

Although Fei Ke Xin was the most favoured in the Fei family, it was mostly because the old man really loved her, and the others only superficially favoured her for the sake of the old man.

Fei Kexin was like a county princess who was favoured by the emperor in the ancient imperial palace.

But once she was married and the old emperor died, her position in the palace would be greatly affected.

Unless, of course, the new emperor is her father, in which case she will become a princess instead of a princess and her status will rise.

However, in Fei’s view, of all the children of her grandfather, the one most unlikely to inherit the throne is her father.

Now, her grandfather, Fei Jianzhong, is approaching the end of his life, and if he can’t manage to get the Spring Return Pill, it might be just a matter of a year or two before Fei Jianzhong pa*ses away.

Her father is the youngest of her siblings and has the least amount of energy and strength. Once the old man dies, her father will be the first to be purged by the new head of the family.

Generally speaking, in a large family, except for the one that succeeds to the head of the family, all the others are gradually reduced to side branches.

However, when the new head of the family takes over, in order to stabilise the development of the family, he will not immediately expel all the siblings in one go. Instead, he will first purge those siblings whose presence is weaker and less useful, and leave those siblings whose presence is stronger and more useful to stay in the main family for the time being.

After this, the new head of the family will continue to offer more and more benefits to the remaining siblings in exchange for their help in consolidating their position as head of the family.

As their position is consolidated, the siblings receive their share of the benefits, so they willingly leave the main family and start their own.

The main family, in turn, after sacrificing some of their interests, completely laid the foundation for the head of the family, and the whole family then dived into development, waiting for the next division of the family decades later.

Today, the eldest son’s family, Fei Kexin’s eldest uncle, is the most powerful voice in the Fei family.

Fei’s eldest uncle was the first son born to the old man when he was eighteen years old.

He has followed the old man through the most difficult times and has experienced the most and honed the most, and in the entire Fei family, apart from the old man, he is the most trusted by the people below him.

In the future, he will definitely be the one to succeed the Fei family as the head of the family.

Fei Kexin’s father, on the other hand, has not been able to impress the old man, and his role in the Fei family is somewhat insignificant.

If it wasn’t for Fei Kexin’s ability to make a strong presence in front of the old man, this line of the family would have been completely abandoned by the old man.

Because of this, Fei Ke Xin was basically able to conclude that once her grandfather pa*sed away and she lost the blessing of the old master, her family would definitely be kicked out of the Fei family at the first opportunity.

And she knew very well in her heart that even if she did have a few abilities, her eldest uncle would never use her, let alone give her any more opportunities to grow.

Therefore, Fei Ke Xin now has to work one hundred and twenty percent hard to help her grandfather get what he wants and get the Spring Return Pill.

No one wants the old man to live a long life more than she does, because that’s the only way to get another ten years or even a longer window of development for her and her family!