Secret Great Phoenix Chen Chapter 4444

At this time, the shop manager of the jewellery shop had already received the raffle tickets that Song Wanting had had sent over.

The raffle tickets were made by the printer on an ad hoc basis this morning, and still had a strong smell of ink.

When Ma Lan walked into the shop with Qian Hongyan, the salesperson from the morning rushed to welcome her and said with a smile, “Madam, you are here! Please move to our shop manager’s office!”

Saying that, she deliberately lowered her voice and said to Ma Lan, “Madam, our lucky draw today is limited to high-end customers like you, ordinary customers in the shop are not entitled to it, so let’s keep a low profile and not let them know.”

Ma Lan understood.

She just liked the feeling of being different.

So she immediately winked at Qian Hongyan and the two of them followed the salesperson to the shop manager’s office at the back.

The shop manager had been waiting here for a long time and when he saw Ma Lan enter, he said smilingly, “Hello, madam! I am the shop manager of this shop, you can call me Zhang!”

Ma Lan nodded her head and asked curiously, “Shopkeeper Zhang, what is the lottery for when you ask me to come here?”

The shop manager smiled, “Madam, let me tell you in general, our lucky draw is only for high-end VIP customers, the prizes are worth a minimum of 100,000 and a maximum of 1.2 million, and the winning rate is very high.”

“Ooh!” Ma Lan was instantly energised and said, “The worst prize is worth 100,000? You guys are too generous with your money!”

“Yes.” The shop manager said with a smile, “This is our group’s activity, mainly to give back to our VIP customers.”

Ma Lan was busy asking, “Can you reveal what the prizes are? Especially the first prize, which is worth 1.2 million, what exactly is it?”

The shop manager smiled, “The first prize is our mystery prize, only you can find out what it is by scratching the ticket.”

Saying that, he said somewhat apologetically, “By the way ma’am, I have to apologise for one thing, our head office has sent out a notice today, because we have to do a financial audit recently, so the payment will be a little bit slower, and you may have to wait for about 20 days or so for that cashback.”

“What?!” When Ma Lan heard this, her eyes went black.

If she had to wait for a week for more than 2,000 yuan, she could grit her teeth and hold on.

But to make her last for more than 20 days, that was no different from hell to her.

She had just filled up a tank of petrol for her Rolls Royce yesterday, and it cost more than a thousand dollars to fill up the highest standard of 98 petrol.

The shopkeeper said casually at this time, “But I believe that for a top cla*s person like you, this amount of money should not be in a hurry, and I heard Xiao Liu say that you have already redeemed part of your wealth management seat pocket money, right?”

Ma Lan at this time is dumb, can not say bitter, can only helplessly nod and said, “Ah yes …… yes ……”

The shop manager nodded and hurriedly moved a raffle box from under his desk and said to Ma Lan, “Madam, you’d better draw first!”

Ma Lan sighed and rubbed her hands together and said, “Come on, let’s try to draw a first prize to see what’s so good that it can be worth one million two hundred thousand dollars!”

As he said that, Ma Lan reached out and selected a lottery ticket from inside and took it out.

The shopkeeper hastily put the raffle box back and then said to Ma Lan, “Madam, you can scratch it open and have a look!”

Ma Lan nodded and reached out with her fingernails to scratch away the coating of the prize redemption area a little.

When she saw the words “First Prize” in front of her eyes, she was overjoyed and exclaimed, “Oh my God, it’s the first prize! Hahahaha, what a first prize! My goodness! My luck is too good! I’m not dreaming!”