Secret Great Phoenix Chen Chapter 4443

When Ma Lan heard this, she was a bit tearless.

But in order to maintain her status as a noblewoman ceiling, she could only break her teeth and swallow them in her stomach.

After all, she thought in her heart, “I can’t have a big fight with this sale over the arrival time of this 70,000 yuan, after all, doing sales is quite good to me, giving me so many discounts ……”

“What’s more, they didn’t say that the 70,000 yuan won’t be paid, they just want to go through the process normally, how can I get into a fight with them because of this? In case people come to a sentence that forget it, money back to you, this is not a waste of time?”

Thinking of this, Ma Lan could not help but sigh in his heart: “The main thing is that I only have this 2,000 yuan left in my card now. 2,000 yuan, enough to spend for a few days ……”

Thinking of the idea, Ma Lan did not continue to talk about this issue, but pretended to laugh at the salesman casually: “It’s okay, it’s okay! I’ll go back and redeem a little pocket money first.”

The salesman nodded and said, “Then don’t forget to come to the shop around one o’clock or two for the lucky draw.”

“OK!” Ma Lan said with a smile, “Try to take your grand prize then!”

The salesman smiled, “I’m sure you’ll have no problem!”

Ma Lan nodded, put away her necklace and said to Qian Hongyan, “Hongyan, let’s go.”

Qian Hongyan was so envious that she answered absentmindedly and followed Ma Lan out of the shop.

Once outside, Qian Hongyan couldn’t help but say, “Sister Lan …… your luck is really too good, such a good thing for you to catch, there is really no one …… this is a bargain of a full 200,000 ah! ”

Ma Lan was also happy and said with a smile, “To tell you the truth, ever since I cleared the line with Xiao’s family, I feel that this luck of mine is getting better and better.”

Qian Hongyan sighed, “When will I be able to draw a clear line with this family, especially that dead old lady, I’m sick of seeing her every day!”

Ma Lan said smilingly, “What do you care about her, she doesn’t have many years left to live anyway.”

Qian Hongyan nodded and remembered something and asked Ma Lan, “Sister Lan, you said you would buy me a Chow Tai Fook, why don’t we go and have a look?”

Ma Lan said with an embarra*sed expression, “What are you looking at? I only have 2,000 in my card, how can I look at it? I can’t even afford to buy it.”

Qian Hongyan was depressed and said, “So …… why don’t you redeem some of your wealth now and come back tomorrow to buy it?”

“Redemption? What the hell ……,” Ma Lan did not pretend to be a p*ssy in front of Qian Hongyan, and said, “You know my situation, the money was given by Ye Chen, Ye Chen left me 500,000 before he left, and now there are only 2,000 left.”

“Huh?” Qian Hongyan exclaimed, “Half a million is all spent?!”

Ma Lan shrugged, “Yes, it’s all spent, we’re just waiting for their cashback to arrive.”

Qian Hongyan had no choice but to nod her head and say, “Then we can only hope that they will arrive soon ……”

After saying that, she cautiously said, “That, Sister Lan …… when the money arrives, you must not forget what you promised me ……”

Ma Lan nodded and said briskly, “Since I promised you, I will definitely not go back on my word.”

“That’s good.” Qian Hongyan breathed a sigh of relief and said to her, “Sister Arashi, the harbour city building is full of delicious food, don’t you have to go to the shop this afternoon for the lottery, so let’s go up and find a place to have lunch?”

Ma Lan waved her hand and said with a sad face, “If we eat up here, a casual meal for two people will cost more than a thousand, and with the money I have left, I guess it will take me more than a week.”

Ma Lan said, “Let’s go back to Tangchen Yipin, order outside, order two ramen noodles, and come back after dinner to draw the lottery.”

Qian Hongyan said, “There’s no need to go back, I know a good Lanzhou Ramen restaurant around here, it’s only 15 yuan for one person, let’s go there and deal with it.”

Ma Lan bristled, “You want me to drive a Rolls Royce to eat Lanzhou cuisine? I can’t afford that!”

Qian Hongyan said helplessly, “Fine then, let’s go back to Tangchen Yipin ……”

The two of them drove back to Tangchen Yipin. After ordering the meal, Ma Lan couldn’t wait to put on her new necklace, and brought a small dressing mirror and kept taking pictures of herself sitting in the restaurant, which cost over a million dollars, and ate a bowl of ramen for one person.

After the meal, Marashi kept thinking about the raffle.

She didn’t expect to win any 1.2 million dollar jackpot, as long as she could slightly win something, it would be all for nothing to her.


After eating, Ma Lan and Qian Hongyan returned to Harbour City again.