Secret Great Phoenix Chen Chapter 4442

The saleswoman said, “20% cashback, you bought the necklace for 360,000, after the transaction, we will return 20% to you, which is 72,000.”

“My mother ……” Ma Lan blurted out, “Does that mean that I can buy this necklace for less than three hundred thousand dollars after participating in various activities?”

“Yes!” The saleswoman took her calculator and said, “The actual arrival price is only $288,000, a full $200,000 cheaper!”

Ma Lan went crazy with joy.

Two hundred thousand dollars cheaper, wasn’t this a great bargain?

Just as Marashi was excited, the shop a*sistant said, “By the way, after you make your purchase, you can come to the shop around 1:00 or 2:00 in the afternoon to participate in the lucky draw, which is free of charge, with the highest prize worth 1.2 million.”

“Holy sh*t!” Ma Lan exclaimed, “What a prize, it’s worth a million and two hundred thousand!”

The shop a*sistant laughed, “I don’t know exactly what the prize is, to be honest, I’ll have to find out when you come.”

Ma Lan thought to herself, “To get a bargain of 200,000 yuan for nothing, and to have the chance to draw a grand prize of 1.2 million yuan, this is like a money bag falling from the sky …… What kind of luck am I having today?”

She thought of this, and almost without thinking, she said, “Yes! I’ll buy it! I’ll take it now!”

After saying that, she immediately took her bank card out from her Hermes.

Qian Hongyan was on the verge of tears of envy, thinking to herself, “What kind of dog luck is this b*tch Ma Lan! I’m so poor every day, I’ve never even picked up a dollar dime!”

At this time, when the shop a*sistant saw that Ma Lan had taken out her bank card, she immediately nodded and said with a smile, “Then I will swipe your 360,000 yuan!”

After saying that, she entered the amount on the POS machine, swiped Ma Lan’s bank card on the POS machine, and handed it to Ma Lan, “Madam, please enter your pa*sword.”

Ma Lan still retained the last of her composure, she knew that after this money was swiped out, she would have just over 2,000 left on her card.

So she hurriedly asked, “Girl, is it true what you said about the cashback?”

“Of course.” The shop a*sistant nodded and said, “You can swipe your card first, and I will apply for cashback for you afterwards.”

Ma Lan completely put her mind at ease.

If the 72,000 returned, she would still have 74,000 left to spend, so if she saved it, she would definitely have enough to spend until her daughter and son-in-law returned.

As Ma Lan entered her pa*sword, a transaction voucher was printed out automatically.

The saleswoman handed the voucher to Ma Lan for her signature and then smiled, “Congratulations, ma’am, this necklace is yours, I’ll wrap it up for you.”

Ma Lan was also delighted and nodded while asking, “Hey right girl, this cashback of yours, when will it arrive?”

The saleswoman was busy saying, “Yes ma’am, the cashback is operated by the finance of our headquarters in China, I need to send your transaction voucher, and the money will be credited to this card you paid after the vetting is completed there.”

“Ah?!” Ma Lan was shocked and asked out of the blue, “So how long will it take to arrive?!”

The shop a*sistant said, “Under normal circumstances, it should be five to seven working days, after all, logistics also need time.”

Ma Lan immediately anxious, subconsciously said: “Oh why didn’t you say so …… I thought the cashback would arrive immediately ……”

The female guide hurriedly said, “Madam, if you are really in a hurry, you can redeem some from the finance first, because this cashback of ours does take time, I am really sorry! However, I’m sure for a high-end customer like you, it’s impossible to use this 70,000 or so dollars in a hurry, right?”