Secret Great Phoenix Chen Chapter 3888

Lai Qinghua’s words made Ye Chen ponder.

What he was thinking about was not whether he should borrow the energy of his grandfather’s family in the future to make his own success, what he was thinking about was that the higher he went up in this world, the narrower the road became, and if he wanted the Ye family to stand at the top of the world, then one day in the future, he would definitely have to meet the An family on a narrow road.

He could not help but think that if one day he really met the An family on a narrow road, would the An family be an enemy or a friend.

After all, the An Family was currently one of the top three families in the world, and if Ye Chen wanted to realise his father’s last wish back then, he would inevitably have to make the Ye Family stand taller than these three great families.

If the three great families did not want to see a rising star above them, it might even trigger a battle of life and death between the new king and the old king.

When Lai Qing Hua saw Ye Chen’s sudden silence, he guessed what was in Ye Chen’s mind, so he said seriously: “Young Master Ye, among the top three families, the Rothschilds have three hundred years of roots in this world, and their scale has long surpa*sed the majority of countries in this world, so powerful that no one can get a glimpse of them, while the Saudi royal family in the Middle East has the entire country behind it as a The An family is the weakest of these three families.”

Although the An family is the most powerful Chinese family in the world, it is the weakest of the three families. You and the An Family will both have great benefits.”

Ye Chen smiled faintly without denying it and spoke, “Thank you, Old Mr. Lai for your reminder, one day in the future, I will definitely have to come face to face with the An Family, let’s wait until the moment we actually meet.”

Knowing that Ye Chen had his own ideas, Lai Qinghua nodded gently and said, “If Young Master Ye wants to meet with the An family at any time, I can help you with a match.”

“Good!” Ye Chen thanked, “Then thank you, Old Mr. Lai!”

Lai Qinghua waved his hand and then changed the subject and said to Ye Chen, “By the way, Young Master Ye, I have another unrequited request, I hope you can do me a favour.”

Without thinking, Ye Chen said, “Please speak, Old Mr. Lai.”

Lai Qinghua hesitated for a moment and sighed, “I have a good friend named Fei Jianzhong, and he is one of the two hundred participants in this auction.”

Ye Chen smiled faintly and nodded, “I know this person and have seen his profile.”

In fact, Ye Chen not only knew of Fei Jianzhong, but also his granddaughter, Fei Kexin.

However, Ye Chen did not mention in front of Lai Qinghua that he knew of Fei Kexin’s existence.

At this time, Lai Qinghua sighed lightly and said seriously, “On the way here, I gave old Fei a trigram, and the trigram showed that his coming to Jinling this time, his future is somewhat dangerous ……”

Speaking of this, Lai Qinghua said somewhat self-reproachfully, “He was influenced by me before he decided to come to Jinling to participate in the auction, if he encounters any danger because of this, I can hardly be blamed, so I would like to ask Young Master Ye to pay a little attention to him, in case something happens suddenly, I would also like to ask Young Master Ye to give a helping hand.”