Secret Great Phoenix Chen Chapter 4334

“Don’t worry!” Li Yalin agreed without hesitation and said offhandedly, “I will tell you the first time I find anything!”

After hanging up the phone, Li Yalin immediately had someone pull up Fei Jianzhong’s entry record.

Since Fei Jianzhong had entered the country from the VIP building, the number of people entering the country at the same time was not that many. Li Yalin quickly retrieved the entry information of more than twenty people at the same time.

Among them, apart from Fei Jianzhong, Fei Kexin and Yuan Zixu, there was only one Chinese who entered the country at the same time, named Su Ruoli.

When Li Yalin saw Su Ruoli’s name, his entire pupils snapped shut!

This woman, he had never met, but he had heard of her!

Some time ago, after Su Ruoli had led her men to destroy the entire family of Ryojin Matsumoto in Japan, and even escaped under the heavy guard of the Japanese Self-Defence Force, and incidentally made the Self-Defence Force suffer a big dumb loss, Li Yalin had heard of her name.

But he didn’t expect that Su Ruoli would come to New York with Fei Jianzhong!

He immediately approached his old colleague in Interpol and asked for help to investigate Su Ruoli’s information.

At first, Interpol in Japan, issued a wanted notice for Su Ruoli, and had been trying to bring Su Ruoli back for trial, but after Wan Long Temple announced Su Ruoli’s membership, the Japanese side quietly withdrew the wanted notice in order not to provoke Wan Long Temple.

But fortunately, Interpol’s databases are connected between countries, so Li Yalin’s old colleague immediately compiled Su Ruoli’s information and sent it to him.

After carefully reading Su Ruoli’s information, Li Yalin immediately gave An Chongqiu a call back.

As soon as the call came through, he said out of the blue, “Chongqiu, I found out that a woman called Su Ruoli entered the country with Fei Jianzhong. That woman used to be the illegitimate daughter of the Su family in China, and she had committed a murder case in Japan some time ago!”

“Su family?” An Chongqiu asked in surprise, “I know something about the Su family in China, it’s similar in strength to my sister’s in-laws, definitely not as strong as the Fei family, how dare someone from the Su family meddle in the Fei family’s affairs?!”

Li Yalin blurted out, “That Su Ruoli, she had joined the Ten Thousand Dragons Hall some time ago and is now a member of the Ten Thousand Dragons Hall!”

“Ten Thousand Dragons Hall?!” An Chongqiu was dumbfounded as he listened and blurted out, “How did they get involved with the Fei family?!”

Li Yalin said, “It could be that the Fei family’s senior has promised a heavy sum of money and invited the Ten Thousand Dragons Hall to come and help him take back the family headship.”

An Chongqiu said doubtfully, “If it was just this one thing, then your speculation makes sense, but the question is, if the Ten Thousand Dragons Temple was really hired by the Fei family’s senior, how would they go and kidnap Fei Hao Yang? Isn’t it contradictory to be hired while also kidnapping your employer’s heavy grandson?”

Li Yalin remembered something and blurted out, “By the way, Wan Long Temple had friction with your sister’s in-laws before, do you know about this?”

“I know.” An Chongqiu said in a cold voice, “The Hall Master of the Ten Thousand Dragons Hall has a grudge against my brother-in-law, and the last time he killed him, it is said that the Ye family gave up half of their family fortune to escape a disaster.”

Li Yalin blurted out, “Then it’s possible that the Hall of Ten Thousand Dragons has tasted sweetness on the Ye family and wants to make another fortune on the Fei family!”