Secret Great Phoenix Chen Chapter 4335

An Chongqiu had many grievances against the Ten Thousand Dragons Hall.

The reason for this was that the Hall of Ten Thousand Dragons had made a move against the Ye family before, and had even made it known that his brother-in-law, Ye Chang Ying, would be bruised to death.

An Chongqiu was different from his second brother An Kaifeng, who only knew his sister An Chengqing and his nephew Ye Chen, and did not care about anyone else, not even Ye Changye.

This is mainly because An Kaifeng is younger, and when his sister An Chengqing married Ye Changying, he was still at university and had very little contact with Ye Changying.

But An Chongqiu was different, he was only two years older than his sister An Chengqing, so he had had a lot of contact with Ye Changye, and deep down, he still had some recognition of Ye Changye as his brother-in-law.

It was precisely for this reason that when he heard that the Ten Thousand Dragons Hall had approached the Ye family with the coffin, he had mentioned this matter to An Kaifeng, hoping that An Kaifeng could put pressure on the Ten Thousand Dragons Hall on behalf of the An family, so that they would not make things difficult for the Ye family.

However, An Kaifeng did not agree.

The reason he didn’t agree was simple, it was because he didn’t have the Ye Family in his heart.

A long time ago, Ye Zhongquan, the old man of the Ye family, had once approached An Kaifeng at an elite chamber of commerce to get close to him, but An Kaifeng had told him explicitly at that time that the Ye family only recognized Ye Chen, and no one else.

Since Ye Chen had not been found, he naturally had no reason to help the Ye family.

But this incident later also caused An Kai Feng a pang of fear.

For he was so unprepared that Wan Bajun would go up to Ye Ling Mountain to bruise the remains of his sister and brother-in-law into dust!

Fortunately, the Ye family took out half of the family fortune to settle the matter, otherwise, if his sister’s remains were destroyed, An Kaifeng would never be able to forgive himself for the rest of his life.

On that occasion, An Kaifeng’s feelings towards the Ye family were more or less relaxed, and he also expressed his attitude to An Chongqiu that if the time was right, he would definitely give the Ye family some help in the future.

Now, when An Chongqiu heard that the Ten Thousand Dragons Hall had come again, his heart was filled with disgust.

So, he said to Li Yalin, “If it is true that the Ten Thousand Dragons Temple is behind this, you can’t let them get away with it. If your New York police can’t deal with them, go to the CIA and Homeland Security.

Li Yalin said seriously, “I also plan to do the same, but right now there is not a good opportunity, after all, the only member of the Ten Thousand Dragons Temple that I know of that has arrived in New York is Su Ruoli, and the information and evidence that I have is seriously insufficient.”

Speaking at this point, Li Yalin added, “Moreover, there is something I still haven’t figured out until now.”

An Chongqiu asked, “What is it?”

Li Yalin said, “What you said just now is that it is reasonable for Wan Long Temple to help Master Fei seize power and make a fortune in the process, but there is no reason for them to kidnap Fei Hao Yang, unless the person who kidnapped him is someone else.”

An Chongqiu sighed, “It is indeed a problem, it feels like solving a complex equation, no matter which direction you cut, it doesn’t seem right, like there is some necessary condition missing.”

Remembering something, Li Yalin busily asked, “Oh yes, do you remember what I told you about, that star called Gu Qiuyi?”

“Remember.” An Chongqiu asked, “What’s wrong? Does this matter have something to do with her?”

Li Yalin smacked his lips and said seriously, “There’s no evidence to show that it’s related to her yet, but I always feel that there’s some connection.”

An Chongqiu didn’t say anything about Gu Qiuyi delivering medicine to her father tonight and saving his life, but asked, “What are you thinking about?”

Li Yalin said, “I think this girl is not simple!”