Secret Great Phoenix Chen Chapter 4336

He added, “You see, from what was revealed about this guy Fei Hao Yang, the charity dinner he made on the night he disappeared was clearly a set-up for Gu Qiuyi, he must have wanted to kidnap her and use her to satisfy his own perverted desires, but it turned out that Gu Qiuyi, who came all the way here, didn’t fall in, but Fei Hao Yang, the person who made the set-up, fell in himself instead. The strong dragon is still not suppressing the ground snake, let alone the ground dragon like Fei Hao Yang, you just say how capable this girl must be ……”

When An Chongqiu heard this, his expression was slightly austere.

A moment later, he spoke, “Old Li, do you know what Gu Qiuyi has to do with our family?”

Li Yalin was surprised and asked, “What? You know her? I’ve investigated her details, the only daughter of the Gu family in Yanjing, the Gu family seems to have a good relationship with your sister’s in-laws, but the strength seems to be a bit worse than your sister’s in-laws, so in theory, it shouldn’t be enough in the eyes of your An family, right?”

An Chongqiu said seriously, “Gu Qiuyi, is my nephew’s fiancee!”

Li Yalin was shocked and asked, “Really? Your nephew has found one?!”

“No.” An Chongqiu said, “Gu Qiuyi’s marriage to my nephew was set by my sister when they were both small.”

“Oh …… doll’s marriage ah ……,” Li Yalin muttered in a wooden voice and said offhandedly, “But I haven’t heard you talk about it before. ”

An Chongqiu seriously said, “I also only found out this evening, my father was critically ill, his heart had stopped beating, just as Miss Gu came to visit and gave a blood dispersing heart saving pill, only to pull my father back from the brink of death, to say the least, it was also the old man’s good fortune.”

Li Yalin froze at the other end of the phone for a long time, and only after a long time did he curse and say, “D*mn it, what a night! How come all the weird and wonderful things happen on this night? Forget about the Fei family, your old man is critically ill and this Gu Qiuyi flew thousands of miles from the east coast to the west coast to deliver medicine. Or did she get wind of something in advance?”

“This ……” An Chongqiu frowned, “This shouldn’t be …… she just happened to be coming over for a visit, didn’t I tell you that She is my nephew’s fiancee, this time to tour the United States, so take time to visit the family, just happened to meet my father is critically ill, so it ……”

When An Chongqiu said this, he suddenly paused, his expression was puzzled.

Although Li Yalin could not see his expression, he could also guess a general idea, so he opened his mouth and asked, “Do you also think that it is indeed a bit of a stretch for this Gu Qiuyi to fly from the east coast of the United States to the west coast of the United States overnight to visit at this time of year when the old man is critically ill without knowing anything?”

An Chongqiu muttered, “Hearing you say that, it does sound a bit ……”

He said, An Chongqiu added, “But it’s also a bit strange if you put it the other way around, the news of my father’s critical illness has never been leaked to the public, no one from the outside knows about it except you, how did she know about my father’s critical illness?”

Li Yalin asked him, “What time did that Gu Qiuyi arrive?”

An Chongqiu thought about it and said, “Maybe ten or twenty minutes later than me, I can’t remember exactly.”

Li Yalin smacked his lips and said, “What the hell, you left from New York and she also left from New York, and she was only ten or twenty minutes behind you, which means that she was basically the same as you! It’s not a f*cking coincidence, it’s a f*cking coincidence, it’s a f*cking coincidence to save the old man!”