Secret Great Phoenix Chen Chapter 3908

When the black tycoon shouted out the price of US$800 million, the old Nordic queen instantly sat down in her chair like a deflated ball, her eyes hollow and a little resigned.

This price was already more than she could afford.

Even if she were to sell it to herself at this price, she would not be able to get this much money.

Therefore, she knew very well in her heart that she was completely out of touch with the Spring Return Pill.

And at this moment, many people at the scene had also started to mutter privately.

Everyone knew that these five Spring Return Pills tonight were bound to go higher and higher like a ladder, so the price of this first Spring Return Pill was tantamount to laying the foundation and setting the tone for the Spring Return Pills to follow.

If its price was raised too high, then the price of the Spring Return Pill would probably explode to an unbelievably high price.

At this moment, Li Tailai’s mind was on the verge of collapse.

He cursed in his mind, “Seven hundred and fifty million dollars! And that’s in US dollars! Converted down, that’s more than four billion RMB, just to auction off a quarter of this Spring Return Pill, isn’t that f*cking enough?!”

After saying this, he violently tugged at his hair, hesitantly struggling whether he should continue to call for another hand of eight hundred and ten million.

But while he was hesitating, the Middle Eastern tycoon who had bid before but hadn’t moved in this moment, raised his hand again and said in a deep voice, “One billion!”

Hearing this figure, Li Tailai felt a surge of anger in his heart and cursed in his heart, “One billion, how can anyone live with this?

Before he could respond, the rich black man raised his hand again, “I’ll give you 1.1 billion!”

And the Middle Eastern tycoon, as if from a sudden burst of energy, blurted out almost without delay, “1.2 billion!”

The black tycoon gritted his teeth and said without changing his face, “One …… billion and three hundred million!”

From one billion, to 1.3 billion, it took less than ten seconds.

The scene was once again in an uproar.

Some of those who were originally determined to win the Spring Return Pill had inwardly given up on the idea of competing for it altogether.

This was because in their existing mindset, they felt that even if this medicine was magical, at this price it was already outrageous, outrageous enough to open the door.

Some people, even, have started to watch the show.

They felt that the price of a quarter of this rejuvenating pill had already been speculated to a sky-high price of US$1.3 billion, and whoever bought this rejuvenating pill would regret his impulsiveness after taking it.

While everyone was shouting in amazement, one of the country’s tycoons said in a low voice to the people around him, “f*ck, these people are all f*cking crazy, how dare they ask for US$1.3 billion? What is the concept of US$1.3 billion? If they used it to buy Airbus a320s, they could buy 20 of them!”

A Chinese American next to him asked with a smile, “You’re funny, how you think of comparing planes.”

The man said, “Because I run an airline myself, you know, there are at least a dozen airlines in China that don’t have a fleet of 20 planes, and the worst one, Daxing Hua Airlines, only has three planes in total, counting all its a*sets, this is f*cking great, you can afford to trade 20 planes for a quarter of an elixir that you’re not sure is that effective. Can you stand this?”

The people around, they all nodded their heads involuntarily.

They also felt that taking the money of 20 planes to buy a quarter of an elixir was really unacceptable.

However, even though others found it unacceptable, Li Tailai was not yet willing to give up.

He had truly experienced the miraculous effects of the Spring Return Pill and knew that this medicine brought people not only health, but also more and more precious time.

To him, twenty planes was indeed a lot, but it was not as important as a long life.

So, with his teeth clenched in death, he bellowed angrily, “I’ll pay ten billion! Renminbi!”

Song Wanting said helplessly, “No. 055, this auction is uniformly bid in US dollars, please pay attention and re-state a price.”

Li Tailai hurriedly said, “Miss Song, I can no longer calculate the exchange rate in my head, so please help me to see how much 10 billion RMB is in US dollars!”

Song Wanting used the calculator prepared in advance on the auction table to do some calculations and said, “About 1.6 billion.”

Li Tailai nodded his head and said with extreme indignation, “Then it’s 1.6 billion!”

Li Tai Lai thought to himself, “Ten billion RMB is the limit of what I can afford, instead of going on with these two sons of b*tches, why don’t we just go for it and raise it by 300 million USD, and see who dares to follow!”

Just when Li Tai Lai thought that his angry price increase would definitely scare off the other two, to his surprise, they both raised their hands almost simultaneously.

The Middle Eastern tycoon shouted, “I bid 1.7 billion!”

The black tycoon was even more vicious, shouting out in one breath, “Two billion! I’ll give you two billion!”