Secret Great Phoenix Chen Chapter 4039

Late at night, the Vancouver port docks are as busy as they are during the day.

The large ports basically operate 24 hours a day, so even late at night, the lights are still on, with a large number of trucks carrying containers in and out, and the docks are constantly loading and unloading cargo for the docked ships.

Therefore, the vehicles arriving at the pier one after another did not cause too much alarm.

Guided by members of the Italian group, Wan Bros. arrived at the port first and then easily took a dilapidated 1,000-ton freighter on the dock of a small ship.

On board this freighter were eight members of the Italian group, as well as three young women who had been abducted.

Together with the two that Wan Bajun and the others had driven over, there were five young women who had been kidnapped by the group and were to be taken to the high seas this evening.

On board the dilapidated cargo ship, Wan Bajun conducted a surprise interrogation of the group and discovered that the actual leader of the group was an Italian named Francesco Ricci.

This Francesco, in turn, turned out to be Andres’ own brother.

According to Francesco’s confession, they had planned to set sail for the high seas at three o’clock this morning and to meet the ship that was to pick up the cargo at a specific point on the high seas.

After the meeting, the other party would first pick up the girls, and the money for the transaction would be paid to the Italian group only after they had disposed of the girls.

Afterwards, Wan Bajun directly took all these people to the freighter that Ye Chen had bought, and inside this freighter, at this time, there were more than a hundred generals of the Ten Thousand Dragons Palace in ambush, just waiting for the Italian group to send them to their door.

When Andre arrived at the pier with Ye Chen and his men, the convoy had already expanded from less than ten vehicles at the beginning to at least seventy to eighty vehicles, like a gluttonous snake.

Many of the men who had received orders to drive to the pier alone or in groups of three or five joined Andre’s convoy as soon as they came across it, and so the convoy grew in size as it went along.

By the time they reached the pier, the convoy had already stretched for nearly a kilometre.

The cargo ship that Ye Chen had bought was not docked at the loading dock as it had been declared empty, so it was in a much calmer location than the loading area.

Most of the ships docked around were cargo ships that had not yet started queuing for loading, so it was all dark on board.

On the other hand, Ye Chen’s 15,000 tonne cargo ship was lit up at the moment.

Looking from far below, one could see signs of personnel activity on the deck and inside the bridge.

It did look as if she was about to set sail, and the personnel, too, seemed very much like the crew making preparations before setting sail.

As Andrei watched the huge freighter pull up in front of him, deep inside he was overwhelmed with excitement and muttered under his breath, “This is a big f*cking ship!”

In his mind, he could not wait to get on board and stand on the bow of the ship and shout, “I’m the king of f*cking Vancouver!

With a ship like this, he would be able to improve his group’s power, and he would be able to start a shipping business in the future!

The Italian group he ruled was only a second-tier gang in the whole of Vancouver, and although he had always had the ambition to go to the next level, he simply couldn’t find the way to do so.

But now everything is different.

With this ship, the group has more possibilities and a wider scope.

Maybe this ship was where his dream would begin!

Thinking of this, his heart was even more impatient.

After the car had stopped at the quay, Andrei pushed the door and stepped out of the car.

Immediately afterwards, dozens of cars pulled up in a row behind them at the quayside.

Andre walked to the other side of the back seat, pulled open the door, pointed his gun at Ye Chen and said with a smile, “Mr Ye, please get out of the car!”