Secret Great Phoenix Chen Chapter 4092

If this matter could really not be covered up anymore, he was afraid that he would have to disappear from this world completely, otherwise, those vip’s who had a lot of nasty hookups with him would definitely not let go of him.

So, although the forty-one million was a pain in the neck, he wouldn’t have frowned if the money could really shut up all those families.

An hour or so later, the body arrived in Seattle.

Fearing that his parents would not be able to accept it for a while, Qiao Feiyun did not dare to have the body sent home, but sent it to the funeral home first.

He then went to the funeral home himself to see his brother one last time.

Deep inside, Qiao Feiyun blamed himself for Qiao Feiyu’s death.

He felt that it was he who had brought his brother into his circle, yet failed to protect him well, and in the end, he also let him end up losing his life because of his involvement in this circle.

The moment he saw Qiao Feiyu’s body at the funeral parlour, his whole body could no longer be controlled and he hugged Qiao Feiyu and let out a loud cry.

The coroner who had been invited by Qiao Feiyu hurriedly went up and pulled him up and spoke, “Young Master Qiao you must control your emotions, don’t be too sad, and it’s best if you don’t touch the third young master’s body, I’ll try to find out if there are any useful clues.”

Only then did Qiao Feiyun let go of his brother’s corpse and took a step back, wiping away his tears as he choked out, “Make sure you find out everything for me, don’t let go of any clues!”

“Yes Young Master Qiao!”

The coroner hurriedly and respectfully agreed.

What followed was a very meticulous autopsy.

The cause of Qiao Feiyu’s death was death by shock due to a gunshot wound to the heart and excessive blood loss.

The coroner surmised the order in which Qiao Feiyu was shot based on the condition of each wound and the subtle changes in the body near the wound.

He then said to Qiao Feiyun, “Eldest Master, from my analysis, the third young master should have been shot first in his right leg, then in his left leg and private parts, and the gunshot wound to the heart, as a fatal wound, naturally came last.”

Qiao Feiyun asked him, “Why was the right leg shot first?”

The forensic doctor replied, “Because when the third young master was shot in his right leg, his muscles were in a looser state, and at a glance, he was directly hit without any preparation, but when he was shot in his left leg, his muscles were obviously more tense than his right leg, so it was clear that he had already prepared before he was shot in his left leg, thus it was clear that the robbery in his right leg came first and the shot in his left leg came second.”

“Moreover, in addition to his forehead being carved, he also had injuries to his face and lost eight teeth, which should be initially presumed to have been knocked out by the other party with his bare hands.”

Speaking of this, the forensic doctor gave a slight beat and added: “Eldest Young Master, in my opinion, the third young master must have been inhumanly tortured by the other party in his last moments of life, and the other party should have wanted to force some information out of him, from his mouth.”

When Qiao Feiyun heard this, his heart immediately tightened!

The news had come so suddenly and the Italians had screwed him over so badly that his mind was completely unable to think fully.

After the coroner’s reminder, he was in a cold sweat of fear!

If he had given his brother information about himself before he died, would the other man target himself next?

After all, this man was ruthless and had killed his brother and a whole boatload of people, and made more than 800 members of the Italian group disappear without a trace, from which it could be concluded that the other party’s strength was far above his own.

If the other party found him, I was afraid that he would not be able to resist.

Moreover, since the other party had killed so many people, there was no reason for them to stop completely after killing these people, and he, as the mastermind behind the scene, would definitely be on the other party’s kill list next ……

When he thought of this, he immediately took out his mobile phone and wanted to call his number one vip for help.

However, the moment the phone was picked up, he immediately gave up on the idea again.

This was because he realised that if vip number one knew that he was no longer in control of the situation, then he might not choose to help himself, and would probably choose to take himself out first as a way to save himself.

So, he decided to cover up the matter no matter what and not let it be known to those vip’s of his own.

Just as he was about to put the phone away, it suddenly rang.

On the screen was the word “vip001”.

He was so nervous that he hurriedly pressed the answer button and asked respectfully, pretending to be calm, “Young Master Fei, what are your orders?”