Secret Great Phoenix Chen Chapter 4078

                In the early morning, the bright sunlight gradually spread throughout Vancouver.

                This park-like city, under the morning light, was more revealing of its own charm.

                But no one knows what kind of filth and nastiness lies in the dark side of the city.

                Seattle, in the same time zone as Vancouver, is also at dawn.

                A young man in his twenties or eighties is pacing anxiously back and forth in the living room of a luxurious seaside home on hundreds of acres of land.

                The cigarette in his hand is almost burnt out, and his brow is furrowing.

                Just as the cigarette burned to the end, a sharp pain suddenly came from his finger. He involuntarily shouted and subconsciously shook the cigarette away, and then asked his men in front of him with a gloomy face, “No news from Feiyu yet?”

                The one who spoke was Qiao Feiyun, the youngest master of the Qiao family and Qiao Feiyu’s elder brother.

                The man in front of Qiao Feiyun carefully picked up the cigarette while saying respectfully, “Back to the young master, we have been trying to contact the third young master, but there has been no response, and the yacht’s communicator has no answer, and the GPS signal has also disappeared and has not been restored.”

                Qiao Feiyun immediately followed up, “Have the boats and planes sent to look for them replied with news?”

                “Not yet.” His men hastily replied, “Young master, the sea has changed a lot and the GPS positioning error is quite large, plus it was not light before, so there is nothing yet.

                “Patience?” Qiao Feiyun said through clenched teeth, “How can I be patient? The whole ship is f*cking missing! Even the ship has disappeared, this is unbelievable! Did something happen to the ship?”

                Just after he finished, he said to himself, “But how could something happen to a yacht of that size when there was very little wind and waves at sea last night and nothing unexpected?”

                “Besides, even if something happens to the boat, there are still two speedboats on board, so it won’t take long to sink the boat, so we can always abandon it and escape, right? If not, there’s nothing wrong with sending a distress signal, right?”

                Qiao Feiyun naturally could not imagine what had happened to his brother last night.

                The moment the yacht entered the water, the crew only thought about getting to the deck and preparing to escape, they didn’t have time to send a distress signal.

                What’s more, these guys usually do things that are not visible, so their method of dealing with emergencies is to have a team of loaded bodyguards on board, with the principle of fighting when things go wrong and running if they can’t.

                However, as they are relatively strong, they have not encountered any danger at all for such a long time, and every time they go out to pick up people, it is even easier and less complicated than going out fishing, so over time, everyone has forgotten the process of quick response.

                Therefore, no one sent any distress messages to Qiao Feiyun at all last night either.

                To Qiao Feiyun, it was as if his brother and dozens of his men had disappeared into thin air, with their boats, and he could not find any trace of them at all.

                I have sent six speedboats and four planes to the last location where the yacht disappeared, considering that several hours have pa*sed, so the search area is within a radius of ten nautical miles of the location. expand the search range to twenty nautical miles.”

                Qiao Feiyun nodded through clenched teeth and said in a cold voice, “This matter should be kept strictly confidential, don’t let my parents know for the time being, got it?”

                “Yes, Young Master, I understand!”