Secret Great Phoenix Chen Chapter 4079

Meanwhile, Canada, Vancouver.

A significant number of Italian families in this city are in a state of extreme fear.

For they found that their family members had disappeared overnight.

Some had husbands missing from their homes.

Some had children missing from their homes.

Some had husbands and children, or even several brothers, missing from their homes.

At first, people didn’t feel too alarmed because they all knew very well that their own relatives, who were in unseemly occupations, were often absent at night and people had long since become accustomed to them.

However, when these families started to interchange among themselves, it was like opening a Pandora’s Box of fear ……

When one person, or a few people, from their own family go missing, it might be understandable that they are busy with something.

But when all the families around them have someone missing, the matter becomes extremely bizarre.

Many families recalled last night and said that their families had gone to bed, but suddenly they received a call from their accomplices, as if to say that the boss had something for them to do at the pier, so they all left their homes and went to the pier.

Then subsequently, the people disappeared.

What’s even more frightening is that even the boss of the group, who was so looking for them to go to the pier, is equally unaccounted for.

And her wife, too, knew nothing of his whereabouts.

So the old men, women and children began to get together and gather useful information everywhere.

The first news that came back was that the casino, which was supposed to be open until morning, was empty of all men.

Only the female staff were left, and these were completely unconscious. A doctor was brought in and they were forcibly woken up by injecting them with drugs, after which the women all said that they had no recollection of what had happened.

They then went on to find the homes of some of the members and found that, surprisingly, they had been kidnapped while resting in their homes.

Their families, like the female staff in the bar, had all been put under anesthesia and had no memory of what had happened last night.

This instantly triggered a huge panic!

You know, over 800 adult males had disappeared overnight!

Moreover, they were members of the Mafia, who were usually very strong fighters!

When have they ever been the only ones to make others disappear?

And over eight hundred of them all together!

So the families, at a loss for words, flocked to the church of the Italian community for a rally.

While the families cried in the church, not knowing what to do, the priests of Italian origin, with a Bible in one hand and a crucifix in the other, kept praying for the missing 800 people, and even kept comforting the emotionally broken families one by one.

Then an elderly priest was brought out of the nursing home.

At an extraordinary time, everyone coincidentally thought of him and hoped that he would come out to preside over the situation.

The old godfather, who had served the Italian group for over fifty years, had never been the top leader, but because several of his wives and children had died in revenge by his enemies back then, he was regarded as a spiritual totem by the group’s members, and his reputation was not small.

In the world of gangs, two kinds of people tend to have the most prestige.

One type of character is particularly powerful, such as someone who can slash his way alone from south to north and east to west, and who can fight dozens of people by himself and still not change his face or stand still; such people are legends in the gang world.

There is another kind, a particularly tragic character, for example, this person has been cut down countless times by his enemies, and his family has died and been injured because of himself, but he is the only one who is still as strong as an undefeatable little strong man.