Secret Great Phoenix Chen Chapter 4077

“Huh?! Me?!”

                Ye Chen’s words caused Claudia to not come back to her senses for a moment.

                She even thought she was hallucinating.

                Because, just now, when Ye Chen had advised Auntie Li to go back, the instinctive thought in her heart was that she also wished to follow them to Huaxia.

                However, when she thought of the fact that Li Xiaofen and Auntie Li were Ye Chen’s relatives, but although she had also acknowledged Ye Chen as her brother, that was only a verbal promise, so how could she have the heart to raise such an idea?

                Therefore, she knew very well in her heart that if both Auntie Li and Li Xiaofen went back to China, she would be alone again.

                When Ye Chen suddenly invited her to go to Jinling with him, she was so excited that she did not dare to believe it.

                However, Ye Chen said with a certain look on his face, “Claudia, there is no point for you to stay in Canada alone, why don’t you follow Auntie Li and Xiaofen back to China? You can apply directly to the university in Jinling as a foreign student, as far as I know, the application pa*s rate for foreign students is very high.”

                At this stage, many universities in China are committed to creating international institutions, so the threshold for foreign students is set relatively low, and there are no such series of requirements as household registration, school registration and college entrance examination scores, so it is still relatively easy for foreign students to study.

                Moreover, Ye Chen had some connections in Jinling, so he could also help Claudia to move around when the time came.

                Hearing Ye Chen’s words, Li Xiaofen immediately said excitedly, “Brother Ye Chen, is it really possible for Claudia to go to university in Jinling?”

                Ye Chen nodded, “It shouldn’t be difficult, I’ll inquire about what process foreign students have to go through to apply to the university in Jinling when the time comes.”

                Li Xiaofen said excitedly, “That’s great! Claudia’s grades are very good! Even if we do have to take the exams, we’ll be fine!”

                With that, Li Xiaofen took Claudia’s hand and said impatiently, “Claudia, when this is over, come back to Jinling with us!”

                Claudia’s heart was overwhelmed with excitement and equally grateful, but she still said a little nervously, “I …… I’m sure I’ll cause you guys trouble ……”

                “How could it be!” Li Xiaofen blurted out, “Claudia, if you don’t come with us, me and Auntie Li and Brother Ye Chen will definitely worry about you, if you come back with us, we won’t have any worries about leaving Canada!”

                “Yes!” Auntie Li also said seriously, “Claudia, come back with us, we don’t feel at ease if you stay here alone, not to mention that you don’t have any relatives here anymore, you don’t need to have too much attachment to this place, it’s not bad for you to start afresh in another place.”

                Auntie Li continued, “Besides, if you come back with us, you won’t cause us any trouble, you’re just as much my child as Fanny is in my eyes, and I won’t be so lonely with you two.”

                Claudia nodded her head with immense gratitude and choked up, “I’ve caused everyone trouble ……”

                Li Xiaofen said with a smile, “We’re all family, what trouble!”

                As she said that, Li Xiaofen remembered something and asked, “Claudia, I remember that your mother is from Jinling?”

                Claudia nodded gently, “Yes ……”

                Li Xiaofen asked again, “Then do you still have relatives in Jinling?”

                “I’m not really sure.” Claudia said with some emotion, “My mother was quite rebellious when she was young, she came to Canada to study alone and insisted on marrying my father, my grandparents couldn’t accept it, so my mother quietly immigrated and quietly married my father, my grandparents were very disappointed because of this, so basically contact was cut off before I was born.”

                Li Xiaofen nodded and said comfortingly, “It doesn’t matter, we’ll be your family from now on!”