Secret Great Phoenix Chen Chapter 4016

                Guo Lei was sitting in front of a wide table, personally supervising several of his men counting money with two money detectors.

                In their group, they had to pay their men once a week, and this evening was the day when they were paid.

                Most of the members of the group are the kind of people who get drunk today and don’t leave any cash for tomorrow, so they spend it all as soon as they get it and then wait for the next payday.

                With a group of over 700 people, the average weekly salary per person is no less than $1,000 per week, so the weekly payroll cost is nearly a million Canadian dollars.

                As he watched the piles of cash being divided into small envelopes, he couldn’t help but feel a pounding in his head and muttered under his breath, “This isn’t 700 f*cking men, this is 700 f*cking mouths waiting for meat ……”

                Saying this, he asked one of them, “Hey Pete, how much money can Rich and I have in hand this week?”

                The other man glanced at the numbers on the form and spoke, “Mr. Guo, the money that will reach you and Mr. Ritchie is a total of $110,000 Canadian.”

                “Only eleven hundred thousand ah ……” Guo Lei was a little disappointed when he heard this figure.

                Although he was the second in command of this group at the moment, the newly promoted boss had only given him a 10% share.

                After all, he was not Italian and still came from a chauffeur background, and he had only been able to get a 10% share by making a plan to take out Claudia’s family, so he was actually considered a step up.

                In the past, the net profit left to him and his boss each week was at least $200,000 to $300,000, and he himself could get $20,000 to $30,000, which was quite a fortune, but he never thought that it would drop so much this week.

                So, he was surprised and asked, “Why is it so low this week?”

                The other party was busy saying, “The casino’s business has been getting worse and worse lately, the income has been decreasing sharply, and those girls that were offered before didn’t fetch any good prices, the high-end customers only want untouched clean girls, only such girls have a chance to sell for high prices, the batch we sent to the auction was directly brushed off.”

                Guo Lei couldn’t help but think of Li Xiaofen.

                In his eyes, there were only two high quality girls around, one was Li Xiaofen and the other was his distant cousin Claudia.

                It was a pity that Claudia’s face was burnt too frighteningly, so the only real high-quality girl was Li Xiaofen.

                Originally, he wanted to be boyfriend and girlfriend with Li Xiaofen, but Li Xiaofen really didn’t buy into him, and he gradually lost his patience.

                So he said to the man in a cold voice, “There’s a good one tonight, if we get her there, she’ll be selected for the auction and might fetch a few million dollars!”

                “That’s great.” The man said excitedly, “Only if we keep providing high quality goods will the auction house be impressed with us, otherwise, we will slowly be blacklisted by the auction house.”

                Guo Lei nodded and gritted his teeth as he muttered to himself, “It seems that we still have to rely on Xiao Fen to make a turnaround ……”

                After saying that, he asked, “What’s going on over at the casino these days?”

                The other party replied, “During this period of time, big customers, old customers, many have switched to play at the venue opened by the Hua Gang, the service of the Hua Gang is said to be better, they not only redecorated the venue, but also bought several Maybachs, as long as the big customers go, they are picked up and delivered by Maybachs, and they are also provided with food and accommodation after playing for a long time;”

                “Moreover, they have also found a few young girls from Eastern Europe from the style street specifically to accompany the big clients, if the guests lose all, they will also return some draws without compensation to let the guests flip, borrowing this aspect is also more flexible, the junior underneath will have certain authority and can take chips to the guests on the spot ……”

                The other party looked at Guo Lei and said, “Mr. Guo, what the big customers are after now is experience, it doesn’t matter if they lose money, the key is to have fun losing, compared to the Hua Gang, our venue, as a whole, is still too old, we have to keep up with the times …… otherwise if this continues, the customers will all run away ……”