Secret Great Phoenix Chen Chapter 4017

“You think I don’t want to keep up with the times, huh?”

                Guo Lei rubbed his temples and said with some annoyance, “I have long talked to the boss, but the boss is not willing to invest the cost, let us put up with everything beforehand, and I have no way ……”

                To the current boss, Guo Lei has more or less some slight words in his heart.

                The main reason is that this boss has just seized the group’s power, his mind is only thinking, hurry up and put money in his own pocket first.

                Therefore, he was not interested in giving up his immediate gains and investing his money for the long term.

                Seeing that his boss was not willing to pay, Guo Lei could not persuade him to do so, so he could only watch the casino business deteriorate.

                At this moment, Guo Lei’s mobile phone suddenly rang.

                He looked down and was surprised to find that the person calling was his cousin, Claudia, who had been ignoring him.

                So, he smilingly picked up the phone and asked, “Aigoo cousin, what kind of wind is blowing today, how can you think of giving brother a call?”

                Claudia said indifferently, “Sister Fanny’s cousin Mr. Ye asked me privately, asking me where I could play a couple of hands of cards, and I didn’t know anyone else, so I had to ask you.”

                Guo Lei had no doubt and said with a smile, “Haha, want to play cards, that’s not easy, we have a venue ourselves, let him play.”

                Guo Lei added, “By the way, you have to tell him that we are not a place for petty games, when you enter the venue, you have to start with $10,000 in chips.”

                Claudia said casually, “Mr. Ye is not short of money, he’s a big ship owner in ocean shipping, and he’s here to buy a freighter from Vancouver.”

                “Buy a cargo ship?” When Guo Lei heard this, he was immediately delighted.

                A cargo ship was not something that could be played with when all was said and done.

                A random ocean-going cargo ship would start at least at ten million dollars, and if it was some kind of special ship that transported liquefied gas or something like that, it was possible that it would cost hundreds of millions of dollars.

                So, he immediately concluded that Li Xiaofen’s cousin, that cousin, must be very rich.

                For those who run casinos, what they like the most is rich people, every rich person in their eyes is a fat sheep to be slaughtered, if the operation is good, a person can slaughter millions out.

                This is only the underground casinos in Vancouver, if it were the top casinos in Las Vegas, it would not be uncommon to catch a VIP and rip off hundreds of millions of dollars.

                So he immediately smiled and said, “Sure! Then ask him when he wants to play.”

                Claudia said, “Mr. Ye said that at nine o’clock at night, he asked you to pick him up at Auntie Li’s house.”

                “And ask me to pick him up?” Guo Lei couldn’t help but frown, thinking, “He’s the second in command of the group after all, asking himself to pick him up, isn’t that Mr. Ye’s tone a bit too big?

                At this moment, Claudia said, “Mr. Ye said that he would exchange 100,000 Canadian dollars in chips when he arrived at the casino.”

                “Okay, I’ll get it!”

                When he heard the 100,000 Canadian dollars, Guo Lei agreed without a second thought.

                One hundred thousand Canadian dollars was not a small amount.

                Moreover, according to the casino’s rules, if the 100,000 CAD is lost in the casino, the croupier takes 5% and the introducer takes 20%!

                A croupier is someone who works with a client to help them exchange their chips, but once they reach a certain level and have enough big clients in their hands, they will become a senior partner of the casino.

                What the casinos lack most is customers, especially quality customers who are willing to spend a lot of money, so they are willing to give 20% to 40% of the commission back to the croupiers and referrals, so as to maintain the casino’s customer base and income.

                The casinos under the hands of the Italian group, giving 20% to the referrals is actually quite stingy. In Las Vegas, the big casinos will give out 40% as commission to the referral channel as a way to attract more clientele.

                So, in life, many rich people have friends around them who always like to introduce him to gamble in high cla*s casinos, just so that their rich friends can lose more money so that they can get more referral fees, that’s all.

                For Guo Lei, since it was Claudia who introduced him to the clients, he would definitely not give Claudia a cut, but just bypa*s Claudia and take that cut for himself.

                And if he follows and accompanies Ye Chen to gamble tonight, then he is also acting as a code-fold, and he will be able to take 25% of whatever Ye Chen loses!

                After taking away the 25%, the remaining 75% would go to the casino and he would still get 10% of the proceeds!