Secret Great Phoenix Chen Chapter 4389

It was afternoon.

In order to stagger the entrance time with Grandpa’s family, Ye Chen deliberately took Xiao Churan and arrived at the concert venue early.

At this moment, there were already many fans waiting anxiously inside and outside the venue, and it was not yet time for the venue to start entering, so these fans surrounded the venue to the fullest.

Luckily, there was originally a VIP channel in the arena, and there were special security personnel outside the channel to maintain order, so there was no interference from fans here.

Before arriving at the venue, Ye Chen had greeted Gu Qiuyi’s manager Chen Duo Duo in advance, so when his car arrived at the entrance of the VIP lane, the security guard saw the license plate and opened the car blocker to let it go without any question.

The VIP channel is like a sunken tunnel, after the car drives in, it is basically the same as driving into the underground of the stadium, and this channel is completely straight, from the entrance, you can see the opposite far away through the light of the exit, and the VIP reception is in the middle of this channel.

The advantage of this design is that it ensures the maximum possible safety for the VIPs, as the entire pa*sage can be seen very clearly at a glance and is surrounded by smooth concrete walls, making it impossible for anyone to hide in the pa*sage.

The VIP reception area in the middle of the pa*sageway is actually a recessed car park, where VIP vehicles normally park directly to enter the venue, and it is also very convenient when walking.

Chen Duoduo was standing at the edge of the car park waiting at this moment, and when he saw Ye Chen driving in, he hurriedly waved to his car.

Ye Chen responded by flashing his headlights, and then, guided by Chen Duo Duo’s gestures, parked his car in the car park.

There were already several business cars parked on the car park and Ye Chen recognised at once that this was Gu Qiuyi’s convoy.

Xiao Churan was a little surprised at this time and asked, “Honey, where are we now?”

Ye Chen smiled, “The VIP channel, we are watching the show in the VIP box tonight.”

Xiao Churan was surprised and asked, “Why are you watching in a box? It must have cost a lot of money, right?”

Ye Chen smiled, “Miss Gu’s concert didn’t sell boxes to the public this time, so all the boxes above are basically empty, so the boxes are free for us to use, and if we go to the boxes to watch the show, we can also save the organizer two tickets for the inside, after all, she has so many fans, two more tickets will bring in two more people.”

Xiao Churan nodded gently, and then followed Ye Chen down the car.

As soon as Chen Duoduo saw Ye Chen, he very politely went forward and said, “Master Ye you are here.”

After saying that, he looked at Xiao Churan and smiled, “Hello Mrs. Ye, we meet again.”

Back when Ye Chen had just reunited with Gu Qiuyi and brought Xiao Churan to have dinner with Gu Qiuyi, Chen Duo Duo had met Xiao Churan at the dinner table before.

Xiao Churan also had an impression of her and hurriedly said, “Hello, Miss Chen! I’ve given you trouble this time.”

“No, no.” Chen Duoduo said in a serious manner, “Master Ye has helped us so much, it is us who have caused trouble for Master Ye.”

As she said that, Chen Duoduo deliberately added, “Mrs. Ye, during this period of time, we have been working hard for Master Ye to run to New York because of feng shui matters, so we have delayed Master Ye’s world with you, you must not mind.”

Xiao Churan didn’t know she was saying this on purpose, so she said, “Miss Chen is very kind, this is also my husband’s job, it’s all due.”

Chen Duo Duo smiled faintly and nodded gently.

In fact, she had a lot of double entendres or words of meaning to say to Xiao Xiangran, but she knew in her heart that she could not be too reckless in front of Ye Chen, so she stopped at the point and said with a smile, “Master Ye, Mrs. Ye, let me take you two to the VIP box first.”

Ye Chen saw that Chen Duoduo also knew how to take things as they came, so he didn’t bother much with her in his heart and said blandly, “Thank you for your hard work, Miss Chen.”

“I should, I should.” Chen Duoduo smilingly led Ye Chen and Xiao Churan through the VIP channel and directly took the lift to the top floor.

Because of the large scale of the venue, the VIP box was located in a place that was basically already about as high as seven or eight floors, and this entire upper area was the VIP area of the venue.

Here, the entrances and exits, as well as the various facilities and pa*sageways, were all completely isolated from the audience in the venue below, ensuring the privacy of the VIPs to a great extent.

As only two VIP boxes were given to Ye Chen, Xiao Churan and Grandparents’ family for tonight’s concert, none of the other boxes were open to the public, so there were very few staff on this floor, only security personnel were guarding the entrances and exits, and after entering, it was all empty, with no staff in sight.

This was also deliberate on Gu Qiuyi’s part, after all, Ye Chen himself liked to keep a low profile, and the An family was also a very high-profile public figure, so privacy had to be adequately guaranteed, and the fewer the staff, the less exposure there would be.

Chen Duoduo brought Ye Chen and Xiao Churan to a box in the middle position, and when the door opened, it was almost like a luxury hotel suite inside.

Upon entering, there was a luxurious meeting room with a mini bar, the bar of which was already filled with fresh fruits, desserts and snacks, while the wine rack at the back was also filled with a wide range of high-end drinks.

Across the minibar, there were two sets of sofas sitting opposite each other in the centre, and further on past the parlour, there were two rows of sofas facing the floor-to-ceiling windows, one high and one low, which were the areas for watching the show.