Secret Great Phoenix Chen Chapter 4305

After all, he was the son, grandson and great-grandson he had raised for more than 20 years, and deep down he still had a deep feeling of licking his calf.

Fei Xuebin rushed to Fei Haoyang, picked him up in his arms and said to Ye Chen in tears, “Mr. Ye, can I have someone take Haoyang to the funeral home first ……”

“No!” Ye Chen said in a cold voice, “Those girls he killed are all dead, and he has no right to be buried in the ground.”

After saying that, he looked at Wan Bajun and ordered, “Bajun, have someone take Fei Hao Yang’s body away, find a place to cremate it, and dump the ashes directly into the sea.”

Wan Bajun immediately said, “Yes Mr. Ye, my subordinates will follow orders!”

Fei Xuebin was desperate, he had wanted to bury Fei Hao Yang and let him rest in peace, but he did not expect that Ye Chen would not even give him this chance.

However, he also understood that what Ye Chen said was true.

The girls who had died at his son’s hands had already died without a body, so how could he expect his son to be treated better than those innocent girls at such a time?

At this time, Ye Chen looked at Qiao Feiyun, who was already dumbfounded, and said in a cold voice: “And you Qiao Feiyun, Fei Hao Yang is already on his way, so you should also hurry up and run faster on the road to yellow spring, so that you can be a companion to your good brother, and by the way, see if you can catch up with your brother Qiao Feiyu.”

Qiao Feiyun broke down and howled, and said offhandedly, “Mr. Ye …… I was all directed by them ah …… beg you to spare …… ”


Ye Chen didn’t wait for Qiao Feiyun to finish his sentence, he shot him directly in the head!

Immediately afterwards, Qiao Feiyun also planted himself on the ground, motionless and completely dead.

These two scum of the earth had finally paid for what they had done with their lives!

Ye Chen expressionlessly handed the gun back to that Ten Thousand Dragon Hall soldier, then said to Fei Ke Xin, “Miss Fei, just now so many people from the Fei family have said so many options, only your option can satisfy me, so you will be the one to preside over the operation of the back.”

Fei Ke Xin nodded gently and said, “Don’t worry, Mr. Ye, I will definitely do what I say and handle it properly.”

Ye Chen pointed at Qiao Feiyun’s corpse and said coldly, “Don’t forget to publish all the matters of the Qiao family thoroughly as well, I have asked Broken Army to prepare a list, all the people involved in these nasty acts of theirs have basically been listed out, so you should publish them together.”

Fei Ke Xin said without a second thought, “Yes Mr. Ye, please ask Hall Master Wan to send me the list, I won’t leave any of them behind.”

Ye Chen turned to look at Wan Bajun and spoke, “Bajun, you give the list to Miss Fei.”

Wan Bajun immediately stepped forward and said respectfully, “Yes Mr. Ye, my subordinate follows orders!”

Ye Chen added, “Right, I have another task for you.”

Wan Bajun hurriedly said, “Please speak!”

Ye Chen said in a cold voice: “Before dawn, kill everyone on the list, leaving no one behind!”