Secret Great Phoenix Chen Chapter 4306

In Ye Chen’s opinion, but any scum of the same kind of goods as Fei Hao Yang must be killed before it is too late.

Otherwise, if they were really handed over to the US judiciary to be dealt with, then none of these people would pay the price with their lives.

Moreover, given the urine of the local judiciary in enforcing the law as well as the underhanded operation, these rich and powerful people would be able to live in prison in great style even if they were sentenced to life imprisonment.

Therefore, Ye Chen intended to have Wan Long Temple finish off all these people in one breath, leaving no one behind!

Naturally, Wan Bajun understood Ye Chen’s intention very well, and said respectfully, “Don’t worry, Mr. Ye, I have all the information about these people, they are basically in New York, my subordinates will arrange the manpower and start hunting these beasts tonight!”

At the side, Fei Ke Xin hurriedly asked, “Mr. Ye …… then when do you plan to disclose this matter, as well as those video materials?”

Ye Chen looked out of the window and spoke, “When the moon is dark and the night is murderous and the wind is high and the fire is set, I will have someone upload the videos to the internet later, with the public opinion of Fei Hao Yang’s previous kidnapping, this matter will definitely cause a huge uproar, by then those participants will definitely find a way to flee the US at the first opportunity in order to avoid the law, just so we can take advantage of this wind to scare them out first We can take advantage of this wind to scare them out first, and then kill them all in one go.”

After saying that, he looked at Fei Ke Xin and instructed, “The Fei family must come out and speak up after the matter has been exposed, so that people will know that you did the crisis PR only after seeing the matter come to light, don’t let people see that you were prepared in advance, in that case, it is likely to cause you unnecessary trouble.”

Fei Ke Xin nodded seriously and spoke, “Okay Mr. Ye, I understand!”

Ye Chen nodded slightly, turned to look at Wan Bajun and spoke, “Alright Bajun, you don’t need to worry about this place, hurry up and bring people down to set up control, remember not to let any of the beasts escape.”

Wan Bajun blurted out, “Please don’t worry, Mr. Ye! I will make sure that this matter is done without fail!”

After saying that, Wan Bajun immediately turned around and walked out with quick steps.

Tonight, a large group of demons were not destined to see the sun in the morning.

After Wan Bajun left, Ye Chen looked at the Fei family and asked in a cold voice, “I’ll let Miss Fei take full charge of this matter, do you have any opinions?”

The crowd shook their heads and stated their position, no one had any objections.

After all, anyone who stepped forward in this matter would become a target, and no one wanted to take on such a thankless task.

However, Fei Jianzhong and Fei Shanhai had been speculating on Ye Chen’s meaning in their hearts.

Up until now, Ye Chen had not said anything about making Fei Ke Xin the head of the Fei family.

So far, Fei Shanhai was still the rightful head of the Fei family in name only.

He himself, too, wanted to hold on to this hard-earned position as long as possible, because he knew very well that only if he continued to sit down in the position of family head would his own son, Fei Xuebin, have the chance to take over.

The one thing he is most worried about now is the old man, Fei Jianzhong.

Although Fei Jianzhong cannot directly take back the position of family head, he is after all the owner of most of the Fei family’s a*sets. Once he wants to divide his property, the gold value of his own family head will shrink extremely fast.

However, shrinkage is better than no water, and Fei Shanhai does not want to end up with a bamboo basket.

Therefore, what Fei Shanhai feared most was that Ye Chen would suddenly cross the line, otherwise once he lost his position as family head, it would be like losing everything.

At this moment, Fei Jianzhong was also very apprehensive in his heart.

He naturally hoped to regain the position of family head and stage an absolute comeback.